Dr.ir. Sander van Nederveen

Sander van Nederveen is assistant professor at the section Integral Design and Management since 2005.

His main activities are teaching and research in integrated design and information systems for construction. He is course manager for master courses on systems engineering and information systems for construction, as well as two design project courses in the bachelor.

He is also co-ordinator of the Integral Design and Management annotation and education co-ordinator for the Department of Structural Engineering. Sander’s research focuses on information systems for construction, including the application of AI technologies for design and decision processes and (linked) data technology for collecting and connecting asset information.

He obtained his MSc at TU Delft, faculty of Architecture in 1988 and his PhD at TU Delft, faculty of Civil Engineering in 2000. Before joining the TU Delft staff, he worked for 16 years at the Construction ICT team of TNO.

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