Flying "test bed" for electric/hybrid flying landed at Teuge

News - 09 September 2019

On Friday at Teuge Airport, the Cessna 337F Skymaster landed which will be converted into an electric aircraft as part of the Dutch Electric Aviation Center Teuge (DEAC). The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft is also involved. For example, researchers and students from the faculty will use the aircraft as a test aircraft for research into electric / hybrid aircraft. Among other things, they will look at sound, aerodynamics and the possibilities to fly on hydrogen.

Electric-hybrid flying is one of the routes for making aviation more sustainable that is being investigated by TU Delft. TU Delft has the ambition to play a pioneering role in making aviation completely emission-free. Together with partners such as NLR, GKN Fokker, TNO and KNMI, the university argues for a national sustainable aviation research plan. 

Read the DEAC press release.