Joris Melkert voted Best Teacher at TU Delft

Joris Melkert, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE), has been chosen TU Delft’s Best Teacher of 2019.The announcement was made on Education Day, which took place on 7 November.

Joris is extremely committed to the Faculty. He’s involved with a phenomenal number of courses and projects.

Study association VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’

Extremely committed

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE) simply couldn't do without him. Those were the words used by study association VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, in its nomination of Joris Melkert for Best Teacher of the Year at TU Delft. ‘Joris is extremely committed to the Faculty. He’s involved with a phenomenal number of courses and projects.’

Melkert, ever approachable and open to feedback, is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve teaching. For example, he teamed up with a colleague to completely overhaul the Structural Analysis & Design course. This course used to be a major potential stumbling block for students, but since he introduced a different teaching method, that is no longer the case.

Ugliest aircraft

According to the association, Melkert always succeeds in teaching his students using creative, interactive and fun exercises. On the Dynamics course, for example, he alternates his explanations with the so-called “ugliest aircraft competition”, in which students can cast their vote.



Building a real aircraft

As part of the Master's degree programme Melkert teaches a unique course, Aircraft Manufacturing Laboratory, in which students build a (miniature) aircraft that can really fly. The students work in teams of 15 to 20 and are challenged to put their knowledge into practice. Melkert hopes that this course gives his students a realistic idea of what it actually takes to build an aircraft.

In the media

In addition to his duties as a lecturer and researcher, Melkert is also a member of various boards and appears regularly in the media as an aviation expert. Melkert is often called upon to explain the engineering behind aviation-related news. According to the study association, Melkert is, quite simply, a man of the world who encourages his students to focus on both practice and theory. 

National election

Earlier this year, Melkert was voted best teacher by the students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and was therefore nominated for the TU Delft Best Teacher Election, in which all eight faculties complete. A judging panel made up of Vice-President of Education Rob Mudde, Academic Director of the Teaching Academy Annoesjka Cabo, members of the Student Council, the Student Societies Council and last year’s winner, chose TU Delft's Best Teacher from the eight lecturers nominated. Melkert will go on to compete for the national title of Teacher of the Year.