TU Delft and AIVD start research programme on national cyber security

News - 26 March 2019 - Communication

As our society becomes increasingly interconnected, the vulnerability to abuse of digital technology grows. To improve our understanding of the nature of the cyber threat to national security and of the technical, organisational and institutional means to address it responsibly, the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) initiate a collaborative research programme.

Social-technical perspective
In this programme, an interdisciplinary team of a post-doc, four PhD candidates and senior researchers at TU Delft's faculty of Technology, Policy and Management will study scientific research questions on cybersecurity in a public governance context using a combination of methods from computer engineering and social science. Research themes include identifying and understanding cyber threats, new instruments for measuring the security level of critical networks and for recognizing attacker behavior, and questions related to organisation, collaboration and governance. 

Open and independent research
The programme follows the principles of open, independent scientific research and the academic publications and dissertations will be made publicly available. Delft researchers Michel van Eeten and Bram Klievink will supervise these projects, in collaboration with the AIVD, and the broader cybersecurity research community at TU Delft. 

More information
For further information, please contact one of the principal investigators:
Bram Klievink: A.J.Klievink@tudelft.nl | + 31 (0)15 278 8061
Michel van Eeten: M.J.G.vanEeten@tudelft.nl | + 31 (0)15 278 8061 
Roy Meijer, TU Delft Science Information Officer, R.E.T.Meijer@tudelft.nl, + 31 (0)15 278 1751 

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