50.000 Euro NWO grant for Xiaozhou Ma

News - 14 September 2020 - Communication TNW

The board of NWO Domain Science has awarded four researchers of Applied Sciences in the NWO Open Competition Domain Science. Xiaozhou Ma of ChemE is one of them. She will receive 50.000 Euros for her project.

The missing piece to produce CO as CO2 neutral fuel: the electrified separation of CO
Dr. X.Z. Ma, Chemical Engineering
CO2 emissions have triggered serious environmental consequences. This crisis can be solved by converting CO2 via renewable electricity into value-added fuels, like CO. The percentage of converted CO2, however, is too low for practical application. High percentages can be achieved if CO is continuously removed from the reaction medium: then CO formation simply continues. However, separation of low concentration products is energy-intensive. I propose a new “electrified” separation process: removal of CO via binding to a high-affinity material, followed by electrical switching the material to low-affinity to release CO for further use. This electrified separation will enable CO2-neutral fuel production.

NWO received 284 applications for this package. The Board awarded 24 applications. Four of them were researchers of Applied Sciences 

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