TU Delft Nominator for The Earthshot Prize

News - 05 November 2020 - Communication

On 1 November the search for the first winners of The Earthshot Prize began. Taking inspiration from President John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot, the Earthshot Prize is a prestigious global environment prize, aiming to find new solutions to the world’s biggest environmental problems.

TU Delft is proud to have been invited to be an Official Nominator for the Prize – the only Dutch university Nominator. As an Official Nominator, we are one of over 100 organisations from across the world, invited to submit nominations across all five Earthshot categories, selected for our ability to identify the most impactful solutions across all sectors, from grassroots to businesses.

We will be nominating individuals, communities, businesses and organizations whose solutions make the most progress towards achieving the five Earthshots – simple but ambitious goals which if achieved by 2030 will improve life for us all, for generations to come. The Earthshot categories are:

  • Protect & Restore Nature
  • Clean Our Air
  • Revive Our Oceans
  • Build A Waste-Free World
  • Fix Our Climate

If you have any suggestions for solutions we, as an organization, should nominate, please send them to Earthshot@tudelft.nl before December 14th. Your entry should include the following information:

  • Why this solution is ground breaking (max. 150 words)
  • What significant positive impact has been made on humans & the natural world (max. 150 words)
  • What is the potential for the solution to be scaled (max. 150 words)

We look forward to receiving your suggestions, please include in your message the Earthshot category and a relevant website link. We will make our final selection of nominations in December and will inform you about the outcomes and further process before January 15th.
You can find out more about the Prize, our role as an Official Nominator, and the 5-stage process to selecting winners at www.earthshotprize.org.