TU Delft provides expert training to Bain & Company on climate & energy

News - 16 May 2022

TU Delft and Bain & Company developed an in-depth and unique training programme that all Amsterdam office consultants of Bain & Company will complete before the end of the year. In this tailor-made Sustainability Masterclass, a series of five crucial themes will be addressed: Climate Change and Carbon transition; Energy transition; Circularity; Food transition and sustainable value chains; Mega trends - consumers, regulators, investors.

TU Delft more often offers executive education programs in which knowledge is shared about the possibilities of the latest technological innovations. These trainings enable organizations to broaden their horizons and sharpen expertise in order to ultimately increase their impact in society.

Zwanet van Lubek, Head of Corporate Innovation TU Delft explains: "Through cutting-edge research and innovation, TU Delft contributes to solutions for the major challenges we face as a society. This ranges from research into new energy sources and sustainable use of materials to climate-change-friendly construction and the role of technologies such as quantum computing and AI in sustainability solutions. TU Delft believes in the power of collaboration with governments, businesses and other knowledge institutions. We are pleased to be able to share our knowledge through this partnership and make a joint contribution to a sustainable world through information exchange."

"Today's ESG challenges have become a true burning platform for our clients and remain a top priority for Bain as a strategic advisor to the world’s leading companies across sectors. All of us strive to remain on top of the latest trends, technologies and emerging solutions.  In this rapidly changing environment, we plan to further strengthen our ESG skillset through continuing education for all of our people, in order to help our clients ‘do the right thing’ while finding ways to generate value by building toward a more sustainable future”, says Veronique Pauwels, Managing Partner of Bain’s Amsterdam office.

"We chose TU Delft because of its strong commitment as an academic institution to the climate challenge and energy transition," says Alejandro Navarro, Partner and head of the Sustainability & Responsibility practice in the Netherlands. "They offer the latest scientific insights in the field of ESG, and work on innovative technical solutions that can help companies, governments, and individuals move forward."