Octoscope: a compact microscope for voltage imaging

News - 26 April 2022 - Communication ImPhys

Voltage imaging and optogenetics offer new routes to optically detect and influence neural dynamics. Optimized hardware is necessary to make the most of these new techniques. In this study the Octoscope, a versatile, multimodal device for all-optical electrophysiology is presented. The researchers illustrate its concept and design and demonstrate its capability to perform both 1-photon and 2-photon voltage imaging with spatial and temporal light patterning, in both inverted and upright configurations, in vitro and in vivo.

A compact microscope for voltage imaging
Xin Meng, Lex Huismans, Teun Huijben, Greta Szabo, Ruud van Tol, Izak de Heer, Srividya Ganapathy and Daan Brinks
Journal of Optics, Volume 24, Number 5

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Figure 1. Octoscope design. (a) The customized beam combiner block. (b) The beam combiner and objective holder allow automated switching between upright and inverted configurations. (c) Schematic of the 1P and 2P excitation pathways, combined and separated from the emission pathways; (d) the beam combiner and objective holder allows combination of a 1P and 2P excitation pathway with camera and PMT detection. (e) Mount for the 2P scan head. (f) Camera translation system. (g) PMT mount.