NWO Open Technology Programme funding for wind energy research Wei Yu

News - 01 May 2023

On 26 April, NWO announced that the research project 'Dynamic yAw Models fOr wiND turbine/farm design (DIAMOND) by wind energy researcher Dr Wei Yu will receive close to € 640.000 funding from the Open Technology Programme. Yu: “I am thrilled and humbled to have been granted this research funding, which represents a crucial opportunity for us to explore new frontiers of wind turbine yaw dynamics. We'll develop dynamic yaw models to mitigate wind turbine wake losses, paving the way for a more sustainable wind energy industry.”

Dr. Wei Yu, TU Delft

Reducing wake of wind turbines

Wind turbine wake causes annual revenue losses of an industry-standard wind farm ranging from 10% to 23%. Precise wake steering based on more advanced engineering wake models mitigates this loss. This research aims to pave the way for the industrial application of wake-steering-based wind farm control. The study focuses on the spatial and temporal inflow and wake of dynamic yawing wind turbines/farms. It develops new engineering dynamic-inflow and dynamic-wake models that proceeded from a better understanding of the wake dynamics of a dynamic yaw rotor using high-fidelity modelling and wind tunnel tests.

NWO Open Technology Programme

In total, NWO is funding 6 projects with 4.8 million euros, companies involved and other organisations are investing 750 thousand euros in these projects. The Open Technology Programme provides funding for excellent research, with a view to potential application of the results. The programme gives companies and other organisations a low-threshold way to join scientific research that should lead to applicable knowledge.

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