TU Delft Safety & Security Institute Funds 8 Seed Projects

News - 17 January 2023

The TU Delft Safety & Security Institute received no less than 15 proposals from TU Delft researchers for the Seed Funding Call which was issued at the end of 2022. The total amount requested was 187k€ euro, while we had 75k€ available. As a result, we were able to fund 8 proposals for transdisciplinary collaborative activities in the area of safety and security.

Seed Projects Funded

The seed projects all address one or more of the four key themes of the TU Delft Safety & Security Institute, namely

  1. Uncertainty quantification & vulnerability assessment
  2. Safe & secure by design
  3. Mitigation of impact
  4. Forensics & failure analysis

Furthermore, as per the conditions for the seed funding, all projects are a collaboration of researchers from at least two TU Delft Faculties.

Dr. Amir Pooyan Afghari (Technology, Policy & Management) Conduct a small-scale naturalistic driving experiment as a demonstration of an innovative way of quantifying the effects of social influence on drivers speeding behaviour. 1 + 3 Civil Engineering & Geosciences + Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering
Dr. ir. Ana Somoza Tornos (Applied Sciences) Safe-by-design chemical recycling of plastic waste 2 Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering
Dr. Davide Wüthrich (Civil Engineering & Geosciences) Impact of flood waves on buildings: a multiphase approach 1 + 4 Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering + Architecture & the Built Environment
Dr. Jie Yang (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science) IN SYNC: INcluSivitY-driveN technologiCal solutions to flood risk 1 Technology, Policy & Management + Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. Laura Stancanelli (Civil Engineering & Geosciences) sociotechnical hazard analysis for machine learning systems 4 Technology, Policy & Management + Architecture & the Build Environment
Dr. O. Oviedo-Trespalacios (Technology, Policy & Management) Linking overengineering to the Sustainable Development Goals: Like oil and water? 2 Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. Sina Nordhoff (Civil Engineering & Geosciences) How can we improve the perceived safety of passengers of SAE Level 2 automated passenger cars? 2 Technology, Policy & Management + Industrial Design Engineering
Dr. Yan Feng (Civil Engineering & Geosciences) Using Virtual Reality to understand wheelchair pedestrians’ road-crossing behavior 2 Technology, Policy & Management + Industrial Design Engineering


We wish all project teams a lot of success and look forward to seeing the outcomes of the projects!

Criteria used


While reviewing all proposals the Management Team of the Institute paid attention to the following aspects:

  • The steppingstone aspect: the way the proposed activity has a multiplier effect, does it build-up to something bigger?
  • Can the seed funding make a difference in achieving this effect?
  • In what way does the proposed activity bring together different TU Delft Safety & Security researchers?
  • Is it more than working together on (existing) research?
  • A fair and equal distribution of funding over people and topics with regards to the funded projects in the current and previous calls.