The food waste monitor 'Orbisk' provides insight into food waste at TU Delft

News - 30 November 2023 - Sustainability Project

Since the start of the academic year 2023/2024, the food waste monitor 'Orbisk' has been integrated in the Aula, within the Foodsquare restaurant. This innovative system monitors the food that is been thrown away. A third of global emissions are attributed to food waste, so reducing food waste has a positive impact on the climate.

TU Delft has the ambition to be carbon-neutral, climate-adaptive and circular by 2030, with a focus on biodiversity and quality of life. 

The Orbisk

The Orbisk is an innovative food waste monitoring system that uses image recognition and A.I. The system takes pictures of wasted food, identifies the ingredients, measures the amount and captures the time of waste. This data appears in a dashboard, that provides insight into food waste. By doing so, employees can purposefully take action to minimize food waste.

Scanning the food.
1. Scanning the food.
2. Throwing away the food.
3. Monitoring the food waste.

More information about the food waste monitor Orbisk, here