Going abroad: two Delft researchers receive Rubicon grant

News - 16 January 2023 - Communication TNW

Two postdoctoral researchers from TU Delft have received a Rubicon grant from NWO, which enables them to gain research experience at a leading institute abroad for two years. The coveted grant was awarded to 15 researchers who recently received their PhDs in total.

These are the (former) researchers from the faculty of Applied Sciences who received a Rubicon and the research they will be doing with it:


Next generation electronics with magnetic graphene 

Who? Dr. T. S. Ghiasi, postdoc at the Van der Zant Lab
What? To keep up with the rapidly growing information technology, our computational devices must become even smaller, faster and more energy efficient. As conventional electronics is reaching its limits, this project aims to develop a new type of nano-device with two-dimensional materials that combines quantum physics and magnetism to process information.
Where? Harvard University (United States)


Uncovering the biophysical principles that govern the interaction between cells and antimicrobial peptides 

Who? Dr. A. Fragasso, former postdoc at the Cees Dekker Lab
What? The future of global healthcare is threatened by the rising antibiotic resistance. Antimicrobial peptides bear potential as promising alternatives to standard antibiotics. The researcher will focus on understanding what makes these peptides so effective at killing bacteria and engineer novel synthetic peptides with even better antimicrobial properties.
Where? Stanford University (United States)

Alessio Fragasso