NWO grant for a cost-effective power-generating solar window

News - 08 June 2023 - Communication TNW

The window of the future not only saves energy, but also generates it.

Erik van der Kolk

In this project TU Delft, Physee and NSG will develop a cost-effective power-generating solar window based on the principle of a luminescent solar concentrator. This will be achieved with new luminescent materials that can absorb uniformly over the entire visible solar spectrum, re-emit and transport absorbed energy without self-absorption losses towards solar cells. The goal is to gain fundamental understanding of the energy transfer processes in the absorbing coating to the infra-red emitting luminescence centres, gain control over the coating deposition process and make a record-breaking 80x80 cm2 solar window.
NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has award this research project through the Open Technology Programme.

luminescent solar concentrator tudelft

Erik van der Kolk