Minors and electives


TU Delft offers a large number of thematic minors. Most of the minors are intended to broaden your knowledge, but some minors go into more depth. For the full range of minors available, see the TU Delft minors page.

The Faculty of 3mE offers three minors:

Free minor

You may have other, more creative ideas for a minor, in which case you can put together your own programme, a so-called free minor. This may be made up of electives, and an internship is also possible. Read the rules about putting together a free minor (in Dutch) .

Minor as bridging programme

You can also use the minor (in the 1st semester of the 3rd year) as a bridge to a Master's programme that does not follow directly on from the Bachelor’s programme. You should, however, be aware that this minor will probably not be sufficient to cover the bridging programme. As a rule, the complete bridging programme will need to be completed for you to enrol in the Master's programme.

Minors for Clinical Technology students

With 15 ECTS, the minor in the Clinical Technology Bachelor's programme is less heavily weighted than those in the other TU Delft Bachelor's programmes. There are various options for making good use of this part of the programme. The options.

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