In Bachelor’s degree programmes

A minor consists of a coherent programme of courses worth 15 or 30 EC. You take the minor in the first semester of your third Bachelor's year. You can choose a thematic minor or a free (self-composed) minor. It is not possible to do a minor during your Master's programme.

Choose here for more information on the range of thematic minors, registration, enrolment, unenrolment and other practical issues that apply to your situation: 


15 June 2022 (13:00) - Late registration period for non-selection minors for TU Delft students

If you, as TU Delft student, were too late to register or you would like to take another non-selection minor after all, you can choose another non-selection minor during the late-registration period
Places that have not been filled, from Leiden and Rotterdam, will then be made available again after external students have been placed. During this late-registration period, only the non-selection minors offered by TU Delft will be available. Placement is based on direct registration and based on availability and is open from 1 July till 15 July (13:00-13:00).

Once the last registration period has closed, it is no longer possible to register for thematic non-selection minors, even if there are still places available. Then you can only choose to take a free minor.

Note, Students from MST cannot register for TU Delft minors anymore, registration is handled by Leiden University, including the remaining options for following a minor in Leiden.

31 May 2022 (13:00) - Registration periode for non-selection minors is closed

The registration period for non-selection minors is closed. It is no longer possible to apply for non-selection minors.

  • External student? The assessment and results of your placement for a TU Delft non-selection minor will follow at the end of June.
  • Leiden or Rotterdam student? The assessment and results of your placement for a TU Delft non-selection minor will be known by your own institution.
  • TU Delft student? Find the result in myTUDelft. You still can apply during the late-registration period for TU Delft non-selection minors in July.

16 May2022 (13:00) - Message for TU Delft students - Third registration round wil open on 23 May

The current second round for registering to non-selection minors closes on 19 May at 13:00. After this, the draw will take place.

The third and final round in May will open on 23 May (13:00) and is based on direct placement upon availablity..

4 May 2022 (15:00) - ICT maintenance weekend on 7 and 8 May

An ICT maintenance weekend is scheduled on 7 and 8 May. This whole weekend we are working on several applications, updates on servers and databases and updates on the network devices. This will also affect Osiris/MyTUDelft. The maintenance starts on early Saturday morning and continues until Sunday evening. We ask for understanding for any inconvenience.  

29 April 2022 (13:00) - Cancellation non selection minor Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design

Unfortunately, the non-selection minor [CT-MI-229] Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design will not be offered coming year. Registration to this minor, starting, 2 May,  is therefore not possible.

14 April 2022 (13:00) - Registration period for selection minors closed

The application period for selection minors is closed. It is no longer possible to apply for selection minors. The results of the selection and placement on selection minors will be known before April 29, 17:00.

1 April (13:00) - Registration for selection minors is open

You can now register for a selection minor. Registration is open from 1 April (13:00) till 14 April (13:00).

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