Honours Programme Delft (HPD)

Challenge yourself

TU Delft offers the opportunity to challenge yourself on top of your degree programme. As an above average student you can choose to create your own exciting extra-curricular education activities that fit your ambition and talent.

It is mostly up to you: at the Honours Programme Delft (HPD) you co-decide, so the possibilities are numerous and depend on your own interests.Together with other Honours Students, you work, for example, on research for a professor, write a business plan, do an assignment for a company or organize scientific lectures for fellow students.

This challenge is offered to Bachelor’s students in the Honours Programme Bachelor (HPB) and for Master’s students, in the Honours Programme Master (HPM). Each faculty has set the entry requirements and a selection procedure for when her students are eligible to participate in the programme.

For Bachelor’s students the average length of the programme is 1.5 years (starting from Q2 in the second year of your Bachelor). For Master’s students the average length of the programme is a little under 1.5 years.

Would you already like to look at the options and entry requirements for current student? Extensive information for current students at TU Delft can be found on the Student Portal.