Honours Programme

Challenge yourself

The Honours Programme Delft (HPD) has been developed for all Bachelor and Master students who perform above average. A challenging extra-curricular programme that you design yourself for the most part. You carry out independent research and/or projects and take the initiative. Together with other students who also participate, you work, for example, on research for a professor, write a business plan, do an assignment for a company or organize scientific lectures for fellow students. It is mostly up to you: at the Honours Programme Delft you co-decide, so the possibilities are numerous and depend on your own interests.

Each student who participates in the Honours Programme Delft is part of the Honours Community. Are you an HPD student, do you want to get in contact with the community, and are you interested in receiving the HPD newsletter? Please contact the Honours Board, the HPD student board, via board-hpd@tudelft.nl.