Do you have problems logging in onto Studielink?

When logging in without a DigiD, please do not create another account. This will cause both accounts to be blocked. Any problems logging in? Check our FAQ.

For more information about Studielink please contact the Studielink Q&A.

Digital (direct debit) authorisation

Once you have made a request for (re-) enrolment through Studielink and you want to issue a digital (direct debit) authorisation, you can continue your action in Studielink after a few minutes. Check regularly via the Studelink Home Page to see if you can enter your payment details. In addition, regularly check your TU e-mail address, your Studielink e-mail address and your spam folder.

If you did not receive an email about the payment of tuition fees

Check our website to see which situation applies to you.

Questions? Please visit our FAQ.