Termination of Enrolment

As a student at TU Delft, you are responsible for submitting a request for termination of enrolment. If you no longer wish to be enrolled for your study programme(s) at TU Delft and you will not follow any courses or take examinations, you should arrange your termination of enrolment.  

Submit your request to terminate your enrolment before 23.59 CET/CEST on the last day of the month.  


When do you terminate your enrolment?  

Termination of enrolment will take effect on the first day of the month following the month in which the request for termination of enrolment was submitted.  

For example:  

  • If you request termination of enrolment on 26 March, your enrolment will be terminated by 1 April. From 1 April you will no longer pay tuition fees.  
  • You graduate on 30 September. You can submit a request for termination of enrolment before 30 September. Your enrolment will then be terminated on 1 October and you will no longer pay tuition fees.  
  • It is also possible to request a different month of termination of enrolment, as long as this month lies in the future. For instance, if you request termination of enrolment on 26 March and you indicate that you wish to terminate your enrolment as from 1 May, your enrolment will be terminated on 1 May.  

Note! If you submit a request for termination of enrolment after 31 May, your enrolment can be terminated from 1 July or 1 August. Be aware that you will not receive a refund of tuition fees for the months of July and August.  

When you want to stop your study 

  • For example: you must stop your study due to a personal reason.  
  • For example: your Bachelor’s of Master’s programme isn’t the right fit for you.   

When you’re finished with your study you can terminate your enrolment yourself  

  • For example: you already finished the courses and had your (thesis) defence.  
  • For example: you’re awaiting your diploma or supplement and have finished all the courses, incl. (thesis) defence.  
  • For example: you just took your last exam and you’re sure you’ve passed it. Exception: if you’re not sure you’ve passed your exam, you can wait until your result is registered.  

Note! Your enrolment will not automatically be terminated after graduation.  


What are the consequences of termination of enrolment?  

Consequences for other enrolment(s)  

Do you have a second enrolment at TU Delft? 
You will continue to pay tuition fees until the end of the academic year or until you submit a request for termination of enrolment for the other study programme(s).  
Do you have a (second) enrolment at another institution of higher education?  
Do you pay with a BBC (certificate payment tuition fees) from TU Delft? The BBC is no longer valid after termination of enrolment. Please contact the institution about the payment options for tuition fees after your termination date at TU Delft.     

Student grant and public transport season ticket  

Cancellation or termination of your studies will have financial consequences for your Student Grant and your public transport season ticket. For more information on this issue contact the Central Student Counsellor or visit the DUO website.  

Campus Card and student Net-ID  

Once you are no longer enrolled, your Campus Card and student Net-ID will be de-activated after 3 months. After this period, your Campus Card and Net-ID will no longer work when you are re-enrolled. For more information go to Campus Card and student account (Net-ID).  


How to terminate your enrolment?  

Go to Studielink to terminate your enrolment.  



When you terminate your enrolment at TU Delft, you are entitled to a refund of one twelfth of the annual tuition fee for each month of the academic year in which you are no longer enrolled. You are not entitled to a refund if you terminate your enrolment per the 1st of July or the 1st of August. If you terminate your enrolment for a bridging programme or educational module you will not be entitled to refund.  

Precondition for tuition fee refunds  
In order to be eligible for a tuition fee refund you need to have submitted a termination of enrolment via Studielink in time. If you are found to be entitled to a refund, it will automatically be transferred to the account from which the tuition fee was debited within 6 weeks.

Calculating tuition fee refunds  
You will be refunded one twelfth of the tuition fee for each remaining month of the academic year as from the date of termination of enrolment.  
Please note: the administration fee of 24 euros will not be refunded.

  • For example: if you terminate your enrolment in September (per 1 October), you will be refunded eleven twelfths (11/12) of your tuition fees.  
  • For example: if you terminate your enrolment in May (per 1 June), you will be refunded three twelfths (3/12) of your tuition fees.  
  • For example: if you terminate your enrolment in June (per 1 July), you won’t receive refund.  


Special cases  

  • Enrolment at TU Delft runs from 1 September to 31 August of each year. You do not have to terminate your enrolment if you want to be enrolled until 31 August.  
  • You have terminate your enrolment but are not ready yet. Send an email as quickly as possible to contactcentre-esa@tudelft.nl stating your situation. We will let you know what is possible in your situation.  



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