Avoid scams

Are you as a student a victim of (online) fraud via WhatsApp, e-mail, telephone, SMS or in other ways? Please contact the fraud helpdesk. You can make a report using the online form (only available in Dutch available), but if you need immediate assistance we recommend calling +31 88-7867372.

If you are an English speaking victim, please use the telephone number (the website and online form are only available in Dutch).

Are you experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the fraud? Contact the student counsellor or the study advisor.

In the event of an attempt to defraud your student e-mail, please forward the e-mail concerned to abuse@tudelft.nl.

You can report an attempt at fraud to the fraud helpdesk using the online form, thereby helping them to find trends. This applies not only to mails, but also to attempts via telephone calls, WhatsApp, SMS scams or websites.

Watch the videos with experiences and tips for fraud prevention from other students: