Profiling Fund

Amendment of Profiling Fund Scheme with effect from 23 May 2023

Payment of board and committee months
Until now, board months were paid out after the board period. As from academic year 2023-2024, this will take place in two instalments during the board activity: an advance in February and payment in August. Payment of committee months and the board month of the Board of studies and faculty student councils will take place in August instead of September.
This change ensures that students do not have to re-enrol for the following academic year for payment.

For academic year 2022-2023, all board and/or committee months will be paid once in August 2023.

From September 2023, the performance grant will be re-introduced

What does the return of the basic grant mean
For the sake of completeness, we list a few things here:

  • Dutch students and other EEA students entitled to a performance grant, who are delayed due to illness may only be eligible for financial assistance from the Profileringsfonds if they are delayed for more than 12 months. They may first be eligible for extension of the performance grant (see Article 5 of the Regulations).
  • Non-EEA students and EEA students who are not entitled to a performance grant, who are delayed due to illness may be eligible for financial assistance from the Profileringsfonds, even if the delay is less than 12 months.
  • Students who are delayed due to another circumstance than illness are not eligible for an extension of the performance grant. They can apply for financial assistance from the Profilng Fund. 
  • The delay must have occurred within the period of the performance grant (Dutch students and other EEA students entitled to a performance grant) or within the nominal study duration (non-EEA students and EEA students not entitled to a performance grant).
  • It is desirable to apply before the end of the aforementioned periods to avoid late application and possible deduction of financial assistance.

Submitting your application form digitally

For foreseen circumstances, it is no longer necessary to submit an individual application for financial assistance.

For unforeseen circumstances it is recommended to submit your application form for financial assistance  in 1 pdf file digitally via

Don't forget to mention your student number.


Academic counsellor

When you want to apply for the TU Delft Profiling Fund Scheme 2021 contact the academic counsellor of your degree programme or faculty as soon as possible. The academic counsellor will provide information and advice on the possibilities for financial assistance and the necessary procedures.

More information
Consult the Student Charter to learn more about the Profiling Fund.

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