Assistance via your basic health insurance

Do you need help stopping smoking? Check your health insurance. Programmes to help you stop smoking are covered by your basic health insurance.

Collective health insurance offered by TU Delft

The two collective health insurance programmes open to TU Delft staff support the following suppliers:

Zilveren Kruis

  • Certain GPs
  • Sinefuma
  • Medipro
  • Smokefree
  • Psymind 


  • Apotheek Pillen & Praten
  • Zorggroep Zorroo
  • Het Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis
  • Other GPs, hospitals, midwives and health psychologists who are contracted in.

If you do not have collective health insurance via TU Delft

Ask your own health insurance provider which suppliers of stop-smoking services they have contracted in.

Important to know

  • If the health insurance provider has not contracted any supplier, the costs will not be covered! 
  • Excess
    There are differences between health insurance providers as to whether a stop-smoking programme affects your excess. For Zilveren Kruis and Ohra, at any rate, there is no excess if you follow a programme with a contracted insurance provider. If you have a different health insurance provider, please check your insurance provider’s website.
  • Referral by GP/university health services doctor
    To follow a stop-smoking programme, you need a doctor’s referral. You can approach you own GP for this or TU Delft’s university health services doctor. Obviously, only staff can approach the university health services doctor. 
  • Nicotine replacement drugs to help you stop smoking are only provided if approved by the health insurance provider’s practitioner.