Beyond the Current

Increasing the energy efficiency of our housing stock is one of the biggest challenges related to the built environment – a challenge that has been embraced in the Netherlands and many other countries. To overcome it, energy-efficient renovation should be viewed not only as a technological challenge, but also as an architectural and a social challenge.

The ‘Beyond the Current’ research through design project generated design solutions for increasing the energy efficiency of four-storey apartment blocks. These solutions were tested for tenant preferences by presenting tenants with 3D virtual design models. The results enabled housing associations and architects to propose renovation measures that respect not only the environment and architectural values, but also the preferences of the tenants of these dwellings.

Beyond the Current was conducted by researchers and designers working at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of Delft University of Technology (see the ‘people’ page), in cooperation with Utrecht University of Applied Science.

Housing Management, Management in the Built Environment Heritage & Design, Architectural Engineering & Technology Architectural Engineering, Architectural Engineering & Technology V.H. Gruis Prof. ir. W. de Jonge Prof. ir. M.F. Asselbergs
C.J. van Oel L.G.K. Spoormans T. Konstantinou
S. El Messlaki L.M. Oorschot  
Utrecht University of Applied Science
T. de Jonge

The design solutions and tenant surveys were generated in close cooperation with the following architects, housing associations and sector organisations: De Alliantie, Mitros, Haag Wonen, Eigen Haard, Stadgenoot, Van Schagen Architecten, INBO, FARO, BNA, NRP and Huren met Energie.

Based on the project results and experience, a number of publications by our research team are available.

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