Molengraaff fund

Aims of the foundation “Stichting Molengraaff Fonds” (STMF)

The aim of the foundation “Stichting Molengraaff Fonds” (STMF) is to grant financial support, paid by the interest of the capital of the foundation, to students or graduates who got their degree less than three years ago at institutions of scientific education in the Netherlands, for performing research in geology in the widest interpretation of the word, so including research on crystallography, petrography, paleontology, geophysics and ore metallurgy, with the understanding that for comparable requests of equal level preference will be given to students or graduates of the TU Delft. The policy plan can be found here.

The fund ensures dissemination of calls for grant applications, assessment and selection thereof, and notification of allocation/rejection to applicants. Assessment and selection is done by the board members based on formal criteria as published below.

Income and costs of the fund

The foundation's income consists of investment income, interest received and dividends. The foundation's costs consist of granted applications and costs for managing the investment portfolio.

Based on the result and expectations towards the future, the board decides whether submitted grant applications can be honoured.

Basis for honoring the proposal

  • The grant is based on the merit (as formulated in the recommendation letter) and partly on the financial need of the applicant.
  • Factors weighed in the selection of successful application are originality and imagination of the proposed project, but also on the clarity with which the proposal has been formulated.
  • The original idea has been personally formulated by the applicant, and does not necessarily form a part of the objectives of the research of the department/ institution where the applicant follows his education.
  • A supervisor of the department / institution is the first responsible person for the quality of the delivered research.
  • Interest of the project for the development of geological science or application of geological research in the widest interpretation of the word is an important criterion for honoring the proposal.
  • The project supports initiatives of bachelor, master and Ph-D students that fall outside the normal requirements of the educational program.
  • If the research etc. starts/takes place before the yearly meeting of the board, the proposal will not be granted.
  • Support from the University where the applicant works / studies is required.
  • A financial contribution from the applicant is also required.


Only a part of the costs of the research can be compensated (1000-5000 €). The granted amount is determined by the committee. The grant money can be used for expenses that are a direct consequence of the proposed research, such as travel, meals, and goods (sample jars, maps, areal photos etc.) Travel costs to professional conferences will not be supported. There is no support for equipment, computer time, thin sections, chemical and isotope analysis. The money cannot be used for salaries and tuition fees.

Responsibilities for the succesful applicant

Next to a report of the research successful applicants are advised to present their results in conferences and in the refereed professional literature.