General Information

Fieldwork and excursions are an essential part of the Applied Earth Sciences degree programme at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The various excursions and field trips allow students to acquire essential skills necessary for their future profession. The same can be said about working and/or studying in the laboratory.

For both safety regulations are formulated in which the responsibilities of the teaching board, lecturers and students have been set out. Please read them carefully when you have to participate in fieldwork or excursions or you have to work on a project in the lab.

Memorandum Safety during Excursions and field work

This memorandum contains safety regulations  and the following Appendixes:

  1. Safety and Conduct declaration
  2. Emergency card (which has to be signed)
  3. Report form for accidents, incidents and in-house emergency response

Safety rules of the Geoscience and Engineering Laboratory

Next to safety rules and a description of how to behave in the laboratory you have to fill in a form before allowing you to access the laboratory.

J.G. (Joost) van Meel

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