Deltaic regions in various parts of the world are under pressure due to the effects of economic and population growth and they experience water related issues such as floods, droughts and the possibility of rising seas. Hydraulic engineering systems can contribute to the development of safe, productive and liveable delta areas.

The hydraulic engineering group focuses on research and education related to hydraulic engineering systems, such as flood defences, storm surge barriers, tunnels and locks. The group also develops methods for probabilistic design and flood risk management and approaches to incorporate eco-design, asset management and life cycle aspects in hydraulic engineering.

The group is currently headed by Bas Jonkman (professor of integral hydraulic engineering), Matthijs Kok (part-time professor of flood risk) and Han Vrijling (emeritus professor of hydraulic engineering), see the staff page for an overview of staff members and PhD researchers.

Maeslantkering (by Rijkswaterstaat)