10 May 2021

25 partners from the construction industry sign Manifesto

More than 25 parties from the construction world, including 4TU.Bouw, are joining forces for an innovative approach to replacement and renovation.

10 May 2021

Miljarden euro’s schade, wellicht 2600 doden en volle vluchtroutes: dit kan gebeuren als Lekdijk doorbreekt

We leven in een land met veel water en staan er zelden bij stil dat onze dijken het zouden kunnen begeven. Toch is die kans bepaald niet denkbeeldig, bleek onlangs uit een alarmerend rapport van hoogleraar Stefan van Baars. Bij hoogwater zou de Lekdijk tussen Kinderdijk en Groot-Ammers volgens hem zomaar eens kunnen breken, met dramatische gevolgen tot en met Gorinchem aan toe.

29 April 2021

1,000 rivers emit nearly 80% of global ocean plastic pollution

A publication in Science Advances sheds new light on where and how much plastic flows into the oceans via rivers.

29 April 2021

Astrid Blom will be the new head of the section River, Ports, Waterways and Dredging Engineering (RPWDE)

15 April 2021

New staff member in the Ports and Waterways section

We welcome dr. Alex Kirichek as a new assistant professor to the section of Ports & Waterways.

08 April 2021

Grimburgwal provides lessons for quay wall renovations Amsterdam

On September 1, 2020, part of the quay of the Grimburgwal in Amsterdam collapsed. The primary causes appear to be the different construction of the narrow quay, the locally deeper canal bed, and the weakening of masonry due to collisions. This is the result of the research conducted by a research team composed of experts from TU Delft, Deltares, AMS Institute, and SkyGEO, led by Mandy Korff (TU Delft/Deltares), on behalf of the City of Amsterdam. The full report with conclusions and recommendations for other quay walls in the city was published by the City of Amsterdam on April 8, 2021.

08 April 2021

Zandkastelen bouwen voor je afstuderen

Jasper Scheijmans, master student Civil Engineering, wilde eigenlijk bij een grote baggeraar afstuderen, maar Covid-19 gooide roet in het eten. Samen met zijn docenten bedacht hij een heel nieuw idee: containers inzetten voor duinonderzoek.

24 March 2021

New Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

Victor Gallardo Torres is the new webmaster of the hydraulic engineering department. He replaces Paulina Kindermann who will be gratuating soon.

11 February 2021

Faculty fund award for the GeoScience & GeoEnergy Webinar series

Hadi Hajibeygi was awarded €7500,- from a faculty fund in support of his initiative GeoScience & GeoEnergy Webinar series, to make science accessible for a wider audience.

22 January 2021

Well prepared for future disasters

Yesterday Ernst Kuijpers, Marion Koopmans and Ahmed Aboutaleb presented the Pandemics and Disaster Preparedness Center (PDPC) of TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam during the television programme Jinek. Many researchers from the faculty of CEG are involved, including Prof. Bas Jonkman (for his expertise on floods and their impact) and Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn (for his knowledge of the role of mobility in infectious diseases).