Cong Mai Van


Cong Mai Van holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, where his dissertation research was on development of probabilistic-, risk based design approach of coastal protection and sea flood defences. His educational background is focused on the field of hydraulic engineering with soil-water-structure interactions, probabilistic design, risk analysis and adaptive delta development; He has actively been involved and led a number of national (Vietnam and the Netherlands) and international projects (Asia and Europe) in these fields. The works that have been done by him comprised various phases i.e. development of methodologies and approaches, widening research application, providing solutions and advisory to clients, implementation of design reviews, feasibility studies, master plan, preliminary designs and final designs taking into account aspects of sustainability and integration in hydraulic engineering.
Having lived and worked both in Vietnam and the Netherlands as a senior lecturer and researcher his combined experience in education career and research in respects of both Dutch traditional know-how in hydraulic engineering and Vietnamese daily practice, he highly motivates that his input would bring an added value to widening research applications and facilitating academic education in hydraulic engineering locally and globally in sustainable and multi-disciplinary manners. Presently, related subjects of hydraulic structures, coastal structures, flood defences and flood risk analysis are high priority in his focus.


Expertise keywords

Levees, dikes, hydraulic structures, risk analysis, reliability based design, hydraulic boundary conditions, coastal protection; soil-water-structure interactions; delta plan

Cong Mai Van

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