B. (Bart) van Arem B. (Bart) van Arem


Prof Dr Ir Bart van Arem was appointed as full professor Transport Modelling at the department of Transport and Planning in 2009 and serves as Pro Vice Rector Magnificus for Doctoral Affairs of TU Delft since 2021  He was head of the department Transport & Planning from 2010 till 2017 and served as director of the TU Delft Transport Institute from 2012-2021.

As Pro Vice Rector Magnificus for Doctoral Affairs of TU Delft, he is responsible for the appointment of supervisors and co-supervisors, the installation of doctoral committees and the processing of cum laude proposals and requests to obtain the ius promovendi. He is also responsible for adapting the PhD rules and regulations to possible changes in the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act. He is responsible for the proceedings during doctoral examinations and formally appoints the chairs of doctoral committees

His research focuses on analysing and modelling the implications of intelligent transportation systems, such as automated, electric and shared vehicles. Such implications may vary from changes in driving and travel behaviour, traffic flows in networks and modal change, road and IT infrastructure and the spatial design of urban regions. His research has a strong modelling and simulation component based on empirics wherever possible and always with users of the research in the back of his mind.

He chaired over 100 MSc theses assignments and yearly chairs 10 MSc final thesis committees. He was the promotor of over 20 PhD theses and serves as promotor of 10 ongoing PhD theses


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  • 2023-9-28

    Best Student Paper Runner-up Award (IEEE ITSC 2023)

    Won the Best Student Runner-up Award at 26th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems ITSC 2023
    26th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITSC) 2023

  • 2017-8-17

    Crowding Valuation in Urban Tram and Bus Transportation based on Smart Card Data

    Honourable Mention Michael Beesley Award: Best workshop paper presented by a young researcher.
    15th International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport

  • 2013

    A cooperative systems based variable speed limit control algorithm against jam waves - an extension of the SPECIALIST algorithm

    IEEE ITSC 2013, The 16th international IEEE annual conference on intelligent transportation systems , The Hague, The Netherlands

  • 2013

    Improving moving jam detection performance with V2I communication

    20th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Tokyo, Japan

  • 2012

    Greenshields Prize 2012

    On July 10, 2008 after the successful Greenshields 75 Symposium, the Committee on Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics established the Greenshields Prize, named in honor of Dr. Bruce D. Greenshields, a pioneer in our field. The committee may award a Greenshields Prize annually for a paper submitted for both presentation and publication through the TRB Annual Meeting paper submission process. The Paper Review Subcommittee will annually forward a set of top papers to the Awards Subcommittee that will then review the papers and attend the presentations and will determine whether to make a selection after each Annual Meeting. Members of the subcommittee may also add papers for consideration when attending the presentations. The Prize will be announced at the following mid-year meeting and presented at the following Annual Meeting. The selected paper should be in the spirit of Dr. Greenshields’ work, basing sound theory on rigorous empirical analysis and will be reviewed based on these four main criteria:
    â—ľNovelty and originality of material.
    â—ľExperimental support of results.
    â—ľQuality of writing and presentation.
    â—ľPractical applications or implications of the study.
    â—ľThe committee will periodically review these criteria and procedures based on actual experience.

    91st Annual Meeting Transportation Research Board

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