Dr. ir. P. K. (Panchamy Krishnan) Krishnakumari


Panchamy Krishnakumari is an Assistant Professor of data-driven multiscale modeling for traffic and transportation and co-director of the Artificial Intelligence for Mobility Lab at the Department of Transport & Planning. Her research is on developing interpretable machine learning models for understanding the mobility dynamics of large-scale multimodal networks. She has a background in Computer Science with double MSc degrees from KTH Sweden and TU Delft Netherlands. Her interest in finding patterns in data lead her to the transport domain and to conduct her doctoral research at TU Delft in multiscale pattern recognition of transport network dynamics and its applications. She received a Cum Laude for her Ph.D. dissertation from TU Delft in February 2020. Parallel to her Ph.D., she worked part-time as a Traffic Data Scientist at CGI Netherlands B. V. for three years. 

Panchamy Krishnakumari

Assistant professor

Transport & Planning

Moreen Roldanus

Research interests:
Explainable AI
Multimodal Networks
Pattern Recognition
Advanced Visualisation