B. (Bahman) Madadi


Bahman Madadi is a postdoctoral researcher at Transport & Planning Department within the Civil Engineering Faculty of Delft University of Technology. He obtained his PhD degree from the same department within the STAD project. He holds bachelor and master degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering. 


His main research areas are intelligent transportation systems and emerging technologies. More specifically, his research concerns transportation network infrastructure and impacts of emerging technologies such as connected and automated vehicles on transport systems. His work involves design, modelling and optimization of transport networks as well as impact assessment and cost-benefit analysis of transport infrastructure investment decisions.

Research Themes:

  • Transport network design and modelling
  • Transport system optimization
  • Connected and automated vehicles
  • Transport Engineering and Optimisation (MSc)
  • Transportation and spatial modelling (MSc)
  • Madadi, B., Nes, R. van, Snelder, M., & van Arem, B. (2020). A bi-level model to optimize road networks for a mixture of manual and automated driving: An evolutionary local search algorithm. Computer‐Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 35(1), 80–96.
  • Madadi, B., van Nes, R., Snelder, M., & van Arem, B. (2021). Multi-stage optimal design of road networks for automated vehicles with elastic multi-class demand. Computers and Operations Research, 136.
  • Madadi, B., Nes, R. van, Snelder, M., & van Arem, B. (2019). Assessing the travel impacts of subnetworks for automated driving: An exploratory study. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 7, 48–56.
  • Madadi, B., Nes, R. V., Snelder, M., & van Arem, B. (2021). Optimizing Road Networks for Automated Vehicles with Dedicated Links , Dedicated Lanes , and Mixed-Traffic Subnetworks. Journal of Advanced Transportation, 2021, 1–17. 

Dr. Bahman Madadi

Post doc