F. (Florian) Schneider


Florian first studied Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and then Environmental Science and Management at the Université libre de Bruxelles. He graduated in 2012 on the topic “The reintroduction of the tramway in France – a benefit for the environment?”. Subsequently, he worked for more than 3 years for the City of Freiburg in the department of transport planning. In July 2016, he started his PhD at Delft University of Technology. 


Florian is investigating the travel behaviour of active mode travellers (i.e. pedestrians and cyclists). His research is centred on the question which factors influence travel choices at different levels: trip chaining, activity location choice and route choice. To this end, an exploratory, big-data inspired approach is applied to look for correlations between behavioural outcomes and influencing factors. 

Research themes:

M.Sc. Florian Schneider

PhD Student


Priscilla Hanselaar

F. Schneider MSc

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