Theme II: Mitigating climate change

In the Netherlands, the current emission of CO2 equals approximately 164 Megaton per year, with different contributions by the sectors of energy (30%), industry (22%), road transport (18%), built environment (15%), and agriculture (5%). The remaining 10 % is of miscellaneous origin. The energy sector produces electricity for use in other sectors such as the built environment. Including the non-CO2 greenhouse gases, the total emission amounts to 193 Megaton CO2-equivalents per year.

The numbers above imply that every sector must take effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ranging from short term actions for rapid emission reduction, such as efficiency measures, to the long-term development of non-fossil-based energy systems.

Such systems will comprise several energy production, conversion, distribution, and storage technologies, deployed in interconnected infrastructures and markets. Therefore, new energy market policies are needed. Ultimately, we have to move to a circular economy in which we close the water, energy and nutrient cycles.

At TU Delft we strongly believe that we need to develop a portfolio of innovative energy technologies for the short as well as for the long term, with radically new technologies and improvements of technologies that are already available to us.

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