Frank Bianchi

the Netherlands

Frank wanted to work constructively and contribute to development - that's why he chose Delft University of Technology. The Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management programme matched his interests because it focuses on technology, applied to social and commercial issues.
Today, Frank works as a Capgemini consultant, in a team which mainly provides advice about the rail world. This advice varies from logistics to project management.
"We supported the NS (Dutch railways) in their decision-making on the high-speed rail line and ways of providing travellers with optimum travel information (using SMS services, in-train displays, wireless Internet). This was pretty difficult because there were both many departments involved within the NS itself as well as externally. In our projects we don't just write great reports; we also often help with the implementation. My work mainly involves systematic thought from the client's perspective; so discussion and collaboration with the client is vital. But intense collaboration with colleagues, and independent work, are also part of my work - skills I learned during my SEPAM (CoSEM) studies."