Mark A. Neerincx

Mark Neerincx is full professor Human-Centered Computing at the Delft University of Technology and principal scientist Perceptual & Cognitive Systems at TNO (Netherlands organisation of applied research).  Recent projects focus on the socio-cognitive engineering of artificial –virtual or physical– agents (ePartners) that show social, cognitive and affective behaviours to enhance performance, resilience, health and/or wellbeing.

In the safety and security domain, the ePartners entail methods and prototypes for sharing situation awareness, harmonizing workload distributions, and supporting stress-coping to enhance performance and resilience (e.g. in robot-assisted disaster response teams). In the health domain, examples are robotic and virtual assistants that help patients to cope with their chronic disease (e.g., diabetics) in different self-managements activities, and robots that help older adults with dementia and care givers to establish positive experiences of life in the care centers.  Important results of Mark’s  research on computer support for professionals and citizen are: (1) cognition and emotion models for performance and health support, (2) models of human-robot partnership for attuning assistance to the individual user and momentary usage context, (3) prototypes of social robots for self-efficacy and behavioral change, (4) cognitive engineering methods and tools, and (5) a diverse set of usability “best practices”.


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