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14 December 2016

Towards flexible, reliable and stable smart grids

Towards flexible, reliable and stable smart grids

We have good scientific models for the physics involved in (intelligent) power grids and we also have good models for the ICT involved in it. But to manage the current dramatic transition of our power system, we now need models that combine these two elements. That’s the central message in the inaugural speech of Peter Palensky, professor of Intelligent Electrical Power Grids at the TU Delft, on Wednesday December 14th.

13 December 2016

Cooperation by The Green Village and NEN: Workshop ‘Versnelling Gelijkstroom’

On Thursday 8 December the Green Village and NEN organized the workshop ‘Versnelling Gelijkstroom’ at the TU Delft. This workshop was dedicated to identifying and resolving bottlenecks in large-scale application of DC.

13 December 2016

Tackling global challenges: from Zika to flooding

TU Delft invests in six more long-term research projects to find concrete solutions that directly improve lives of people living in poverty. The projects range from building houses with waste, low cost MRI-systems to smart turbine pumps for sustainable irrigation and a microchip to diagnose tropical fevers. The projects have been selected by the TU Delft Global Initiative, and enable Delft engineers to contribute to the world’s Sustainable Development Goals.

07 December 2016

Wind energy professor Gijs van Kuik bids farewell after forty years

After a career in wind energy spanning forty years, Professor Gijs van Kuik gave his valedictory address at TU Delft on Wednesday, 7 December. In his speech, he predicted that offshore wind energy would be one of the cornerstones of the sustainable energy supply by 2050. He also argued that the cost of wind energy needed to be further reduced and its value for society increased.

20 November 2016

’Car as Power Plant’ to be continued

‘Car as Power Plant’ is a concept by Prof. Ad van Wijk of the TU Delft to use parked fuel cell vehicles as power plant. There is this a research program within the university. Zofia Lukszo (ESS) returns from TPM lead the NWO project CAPP (Car as Power Plant).