Meet the Energy Leader: Fatih Birol

“The Future of Global Energy Markets: Implications for Security, Sustainability and Economic Growth”

by Dr. Fatih Birol - Executive Director International Energy Agency, Paris

Date: 20 March 2019
Modorator: professor Paulien Herder

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The global energy landscape continues to be in a state of flux and understanding the ongoing shifts in markets, technology and policy—and the impact of this interplay on the energy sector—has never been more critical. Each year, the IEA’s World Energy Outlook (WEO) provides updated and comprehensive quantitative modelling and analysis on the evolution of the global energy system, incorporating the latest data and market developments. Dr. Birol will outline the key findings of the most recent edition and explain their implications for energy security, sustainability and growth.

Dr Fatih Birol has served as Executive Director of the IEA since September 2015. He was re-elected in January 2018 for a second four-year term, which will begin in September 2019. Under his leadership, the IEA has undertaken its first comprehensive modernisation programme since its creation in 1974. This effort focuses on three pillars: opening the doors of the IEA to include major emerging countries, broadening the IEA’s energy security mandate; and making the IEA the global hub for clean energy technologies and energy efficiency.

Prior to his nomination as Executive Director, Dr Birol spent over 20 years at the IEA, rising through the ranks to the position of Chief Economist. Dr Birol has been named by Forbes Magazine as among the most influential people on the world’s energy scene and was recognized by the Financial Times in 2017 as Energy Personality of the Year. He chairs the World Economic Forum’s (Davos) Energy Advisory Board and serves on the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on ‘Sustainable Energy for All’.

Dr. Fatih Birol