Gender Equality, Personal Leadership, and Entrepreneurship

With Fay de Waal

06 October 2022 19:00 till 22:00 - Location: Pulse in Square | Add to my calendar

Librae aims to promote and stimulate gender equality among students in STEM by providing (female) students with a network that connects them to inspiring role models, each other, and themselves. While the topic of gender equality and diversity is often discussed at company level, it is hardly discussed among students. In this session, we want to open a discussion and challenge students and role models to think about their views on personal leadership and where they want to go. 
During this interactive session, students will be joined by 5-10 (female) alumni from the TU Delft with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Role models and students will have the opportunity to connect, while exchanging their experiences with personal leadership and entrepreneurship along with their perspective on gender equality and how this affected their paths. 
As a student, it is often easy to get caught up in studying and focusing on building a CV, without having the time to reflect what you really want and what type of career might fit you. By connecting students and role models, the aim is to empower students to discover what drives them and how their qualities might contribute to achieving their goals, as well as how to present their views. 
In this session, students can be inspired by role models and role models can be inspired by students. By meeting role models from different backgrounds and hearing stories from other students, students might get new ideas and inspiration on what they can do in their careers. 
Target Group 
It is open for anyone who is interested (students, staff, alumnae, and people not affiliated with TU Delft). 
Type of Event 
(Panel) Debate - Dialogue
Food and/or Drinks 
Drinks and snacks will be provided.
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