Tempress Furnace
Oxidation, annealing, LPCVD of SiN

Temescal FC2000
e-gun evaporation of metals

Leybold L560
evaporation of metals (specials)

Alliance EVA
evaporation of metals (specials)

Alliance diel
sputtering of diectrics

Alliance Metal 1
sputtering of metals

Alliance Metal 2
sputtering of superconductors

FirstNano Easytube 2000
CVD of CNT's and graphene

Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 80
PE-CVD of a-Si, SiO, SiN

Oxford Instruments FlexAL
Atomic Layer deposition

Leica ACE200
Sputter coater for SEM

Ultratech Fiji ALD
Atomic Layer Deposition