BSc Theses


Benschop, Eva, A numerical study of simulations of an ultrasonic waveguide experiment for Power-law fluids, July 2022 (PDF)

Baetsen, Huib, Investigating the influence of T-shaped mircrochannel architecture on flow patterns and leakage using the Lattice Boltzmann Method, June 2022 (PDF)

Roubiou, Soufyan, The influcence of the temperature distribution inside a TRISO-particle and fuel pin on the neutron multiplication factor, February 2022 (PDF)


Groot, Feline de, Investigation the effect of microchannel junction geometry on two-phase flow using the Lattice Boltzmann Method, December 2021 (PDF)

Dijk, Sabine van, Determining the shear-rate of shear-thinning fluids at the surface with an ultrasonic waveguide viscometer, December 2021 (PDF)

Grooten, Anne, Helium Bubbling in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor, November 2021 (PDF)

Hartog, Tiuri, Simulating space and time dependence of a simplified thorium fuel cycle in a Molten Salt Fast reactor, August 2021 (PDF)

Kurstjens, Maarten, Investigation of multiphase flow patterns through a T-shaped microchannel using the Lattice Boltzmann Method, August 2021 (PDF)

Roovers, Rona, A study of the feasibility of Molybdenum99 production by neutron capture of Molybdenum98 in a mini loop using natural convection, July 2021 (PDF)

Haffmans, Laurens, A feasibility and safety evaluation of the 99Molybdenum Producing Mini Loop, March 2021 (PDF)

Muller, Kyle, The developing flow profile of the suspension in a Semi-Solid Flow Battery, March 2021 (PDF)


Pauwels, Floris, Burnup Simulations of the Thorium Cycle in a MSFR using Perturbation Theory, December 2020 (PDF)

Smit, Rinus, Flux-behaviour and Resistances of Electroactive Material in a Semi-Solid Flow Battery Cell, September 2020 (PDF)

Rooijakkers, Fleur, Uncertainty Quantification of the Mixing Enthalpy, Excess Heat Capacity and Gibbs Energy parameters of the LiF-KF System using CALPHAD modelling and Polynomial Chaos Expansion, August 2020 (PDF)

Arends, Koen, Viscosity determination and attenuation measurements in non-Newtonian liquids using a ultrasonic waveguide, August 2020 (PDF)

Borstlap, Lotte, Numerical study on the viscosity determination of power-law fluids in the ultrasonic waveguide experiment, August 2020 (PDF)

Schakenraad, Nynke, Computational thermodynamics of the LiF-ZrF4 system for the Molten Salt Reactor, July 2020

Korthals Altes, Hugo, Flow-influenced electrical conduction in a Semi-Solid Flow Battery, February 2020 (PDF)

Herrmann, Lex, Fission product chemistry of the Ba-Mo-O system  for the safety assessment of the behavior of nuclear energy, January 2020

Nieuwland, Hendrik, Chemistry of fision products produced in the nuclear fuel of the next generation Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors, January 2020

Berg, Maarten van den, Computational thermodynamics of the KF-ZrF4 system for the molten salt reactor, January 2020


Kater, Arjan de, Wave propagation through a nickel plate, October 2019 (PDF)

Schuijtvlot, Tristan, Uncertainty assessment of the CALPHAD model parameters in the LiF-KF molten salt system using polynomial chaos expansion, August 2019

Abbink, Maas, Chemistry of fission products produced in the nuclear fuel of the next generation Sodium cooled Fast Reactor, Investigation of the Cs-Te-Mo-O system, August 2019

Nollen, Paul, Flow separation in non-Newtonian fluid flow through a diverging funnel, August 2019 (PDF)

Dresen, Luuk, THE MPML: 99Molybdenum Producing Mini Loop, driven by natural circulation, August 2019 (PDF)

Vriends, Calvin, Computational thermodynamics of the NaF – ZrF4 system for the Molten Salt Reactor, July 2019

Iovanovici, Sasha, Emperical Evaluation of Noble Extraction in MSRs by Helium Bubbling, February 2019 (PDF)

Gerritsma, Anne Maaike, Optimizing Viscometer for Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing with Finite Element Software, January 2019 (PDF)


Striekwold, Thijs, Modelling the extraction efficiency inside a Molten Salt Reactor, September 2018 (PDF)

Kasbergen, Menno, Adjoint Methodologies for Proton Therapy, August 2018 (PDF)

Boed, Gijs de, Extraction of noble metals in a Molten Salt Reactor by helium bubbling, August 2018 (PDF

Braskamp, Laurens, Thermochemistry of Ruthenium in Molten Fluoride Salts, Metal or Melt?,

August 2018 (PDF)

Bakker, Jelle, Wall-Distance Calculation for Turbulence Modelling, July 2018 (PDF)

Galen, Jan Willem van, Reduced Order Modelling methodologies for proton therapy applications, July 2018 (PDF)

Hartsema, Emiel, Higher order basis functions for the discontinuous Galerkin finite element method,

July 2018 (PDF)

Warmerdam, Bart, Filling the mergency tank around the Small-scale, Large efficiency, Inherently safe, Modular Reactor, July 2018 (PDF)

Oudenaren, Gilliam van, Study of cooling requirements in the fertile blanket and the freeze-plugs of the MSFR, July 2018 (PDF)

Nijen, David van, Investigation of natural circulation capabilities of the Molten Salt Fast Reactor, July 2018 (PDF)

Reuver, Reindert de, Temperature dependence of the attenuation and group velocity of ultrasonic waves in tungsten, July 2018 (PDF)

Arntzenius, Mark, Handling breathing uncertainties in proton therapy, April 2018 (PDF)

Ettema, Sebastiaan, An emergency cooling system for SLIMR, the supercritical-water Small, Modular Reactor, February 2018 (PDF)

Nanninga, Tymen, An experimental analysis of two-phased flow patterns inside a microchannel, February 2018 (PDF)

Kamp, David, Cooling requirements for the freeze plug module, January 2018 (PDF)

Duijn, Miranda van, Simulating the microfluidic solvent extraction of perrhenate, January 2018 (PDF)


Henstra, Gijs, Optimising a model of ultrasonic waves propagating in a buffer rod, December 2017 (PDF)

Schuringa, Olivier, Density and viscosity calculation using ultrasonic wave propagation, December 2017 (PDF)

Blokker, Joris, Medical isotope production using Lighthouse accelerator, November 2017 (PDF)

Boers, Casper, Investigation of pore evolution in concrete by spin-echo small angle neutron scattering, October 2017 (PDF)

Möller, Paul, Investigating the Selective Separation Ability of an Optimized Microfluidic Chip with Focus on Metal Ions, September 2017 (PDF)

Jonosky, Ilin, Dose Calculation in Proton Therapy using Finite Element Methods to solve the Fokker-Planck Transport Equation, August 2017 (PDF)

Jong, Koen de, Angular Discretisation of the Steady-State Mono-Energetic Lineair Boltzman Equation with Fokker-Planck Apporximation for Proton Transport using a Control Volume Method, August 2017 (PDF)

Keijzers, Jurre, The study of cerium containing phosphates with kosnarite structure in the context of nuclear waste disposal, August 2017 (PDF)

Oud, Thomas, Elastic wave simulation for buffer rod tapering, August 2017 (PDF)

Froeling, Hidde, Causes of Spurious Echoes by Ultrasonic Wave Simulation, June 2017 (PDF

Deurvorst, Floris, Design of Cooling Fins on the Freeze Plug, June 2017 (PDF)

Nauta, Jelmer, Finite Volume Method For Charged Particle Transport In The Fokker-Planck Limit, May 2017 (PDF)

Makkinje, André, Design of a Freeze Plug Grate, February 2017 (PDF)


Hoogsteen, Wietse, Positron annihilation studies of sodium zirconium phosphate based ceramic materials and Boom clay in the context of radioactive waste isolation and disposal, December 2016 (PDF)

Tuyll, Frederique van, A new design for the safety plug in a Molten Salt Fast Reactor, December 2016 (PDF)

Pothoven, Coosje, Recirculation of the Mo-99 research loop, November 2016 (PDF)

Muller, Douwe, Investigation of cementitious materials subjected to aggressive environments exposure by means of SESANS: application to nuclear waste storage, October 2016 (PDF)

Vermunt, Tuur, Selenium anions diffusion in bentonite  in the presence of silicates, August 2016 (PDF)

Rabbie, Julian, Investigation of an alternative spatial discretization for the Foller-Planck equation, August 2016 (PDF)

Egmond, Chris van, Calculating the interdependency of the temperature and power production inside the Mo-99 research loop, July 2016 (PDF)

Koks, Iris, Melting behaviour of the freeze plug in a molten salt fast reactor, July 2016 (PDF)

Ham, Daan van der, Linear analysis of a natural circulation driven supercritical water loop, July 2016 (PDF)

Bergh, Olivier van den, Passive emergency drainage of the Molten Salt Fast Reactor, July 2016 (PDF)

Kewal, Kevin, The effect of wall thermal inertia on the stability of a natural circulation driven supercritical water reactor, June 2016 (PDF)

Huisman, Jurriaan, Heat Transfer of the Mo-99 Research Loop, June 2016 (PDF)

Vries, Tim de, Linear stability analysis of a supercritical water loop driven by natural convection, March 2016 (PDF)

Pols, Willemijn, Exploring characteristics for optimal accuracy of a settling sphere viscometer using the Lattice Boltzmann Method, February 2016 (PDF)

Niet, Luuk de, Including general scattering in high-fidelity deterministic particle transport calculations for proton therapy applications, February 2016 (PDF)

Iersel, Mike van, Effect of supercritical friction factor and Heat Transfer Model on the stability of a natural circulation driven super critical water reactor, January 2016 (PDF)


Swaroop, Parth, Design of a Freeze Plug for the Molten Salt Reactor, SET System Integration Project II, September 2015 (PDF)

Blecourt, Anne de, Delft Cold Neutron Source Flow Modeling, July 2015 (PDF)

Koppen, Luke van, NZP-type ceramics for simultaneous incorporation of radioisotopes of cesium strontium and minor actinides, July 2015 (PDF)

Blok, Anne-Nynke, Extraction of Technetium-99m, July 2015 (PDF)

Carter, Philippe, The influence of competition between selenate and metasilicate ions on their migration behavior in bentonite, June 2015 (PDF)

Zonneveld, Alistair, Linear analysis of the influence of neutronic-thermal-hydraulic coupling on the stability of a natural convection driven supercritical water loop, January 2015 (PDF)


Elgin, Kenneth, A study of the feasibility of 99Mo production inside the TU Delft Hoger Onderwijs Reactor, October 2014 (PDF)

Wetstein, Suzanne, Implementing the Lattice-Boltzmann Method, August 2014 (PDF)

Bijman, Rik, Radiotoxicity and Decay Heat Comparison of Nuclear Waste produced by a Thorium or Uranium Fuelled Pebble Bed Reactor, August 2014 (PDF)

Jagai, Priya, Immobilization of Cs/Sr fraction of radioactive wastes into phosphorus containing compounds of NZP structure types, July 2014 (PDF)

Versendaal, Jochem, Simulating the flow through a specific stacking pattern, using the lattice Bolzmann method, May 2014 (PDF)

Jagai, Priya, Immobilization of Cs/Sr fraction of radioactive wastes into phosphorus and silicon containing compounds of pollucite structure, Minor thesis (PDF)

Graafland, Chris, Modeling and analysis of a depressurized loss of forced cooling event in a thorium fueled high temperature reactor, March 2014 (PDF)

Lippens, Joris, Linear analysis of thermal intertia effects on the thermal-hydraulic stability of a natural circulation driven supercritical water loop, February 2014 (PDF)


Carlier, Felix, Coherent Structures in a Rod-Bundle Geometry, August 2013 (PDF)

Schenderling, Thomas, Numerical analysis of the influence of wall thermal inertia on the stability of natural circulation driven supercritical water reactors, July 2013 (PDF)

Krijger, Dennis, A linear stability analysis of a water loop driven by natural circulation convection at supercritical conditions, July 2013 (PDF)

Bremen, Rik van, Water Ingress Scenario Analyses of a Thorium Fuelled HTR, July 2013 (PDF)

Wit, Jos de, Mathematical Optimization Methodology for Neutron Filters, July 2013 (PDF)

Kruchten, Tim van, Calculating the variance of keff over neutron chains in Monte Carlo critically calculations, January 2013 (PDF)


Jong, Joran de, Eigenvalue Calculations in Accelarator-Driven Subcritical Systems, August 2012 (PDF)

Buijs, Luuk, Calculation of the Dancoff Factor in Pebble Bed Reactors using Emperical Chord Length Distributions, August 2012 (PDF)

Kuilman, Fedde, Implementing the combing method in the dynamic Monte Carlo, July 2012 (PDF)

Hennink, Aldo, Correcton Method for Neutron Transport Calculations with Real Time Flux Estimation, March 2012 (PDF)

Spoor, Frank, Monte Carlo and analytical calculations of the Dancoff Factor in Pebble Bed Reactors, specially for Wallpaper Fuel and Moderator Pebbles, February 2012 (PDF)

Hartman, Charlotte, Effects of geometrical uncertainties in a gas cooled fast reactor, January 2012 (PDF)


Nijhuis, Marijn van, Adaptive mesh refinement for neutron transport, Augsut 2011 (PDF)

Bakx, Tom, Testing a Nuclear Pebble-Bed Reactor Model in OpenFoam, August 2011 (PDF)

Veld, Maarten in ‘t, Linear stability analysis of a High Performance Light Water Reactor, June 2011 (PDF)

Hesselmann, Brian, Accuracy of linear and quadratic finite elements when solving the Boltzmann transport equation, 2011 (PDF)

Huisman, Mark, Variance reduction in a three-dimensional space using the correction method, January 2011 (PDF)


Frederikse, Thomas, CFD calculations on the helium cooling of the Pebble Bed Reactor Core, August 2010 (PDF)

Koren, Gerbrand, Linear Stability Analysis of a Supercritical Water Loop driven by Natural Convection, August 2010 (PDF)


Koeze, Dion, A Study of Possible Applications for Jacobian-Free Newton Krylov Methods in Nuclear Reactor Physics, september 2009 (PDF)

Gils, Joske van, Dampfractie in een kokendwaterreactor, August 2009 (PDF)

Groen, Joost, Radial void fraction measurement of a random multisized pebble stacking, August 2009 (PDF)

Webbe, Erick, Simulation of a randomly packed pebble bed using the Discrete Element Method, June 2009 (PDF)

Wijnen, Marcel, Implementation of Preconditional CG solver for FEM analysis on neutron transport, January 2009 (PDF)


Weppelman, Gerward, Flashing geïnduceerde instabiliteit in de CIRCUS opstelling met vier parallelle kanalen, September 2008 (PDF)

Wessem, Melchior van, Experimentally investigating the influence of the feedwater sparger position on the stability of the boiling water reactor facility GENESIS, July 2008 (PDF)

Dijk, Vincent van, Radial void fraction measurement of a randomly packed pebble-bed, June 2008 (PDF)

Boer, Jacob Jan de Boer, New Filter Design with Monte Carlo Calculation, June 2008 (PDF)

Wijk, Andreas van, Computational Modeling of the Flow Field in a Molton Salt Reactor Core, June 2008 (PDF)

Hoogendoorn, Karin, Bestuderen van het drukprofiel over een BWR bundel voor één- en twee-fasen stroming, February 2008 (PDF)

Sjenitzer, Bart, Neutron moderation in a rotating disc, January 2008 (PDF)


Auwerda, Gert-Jan, Computational Modeling of a Molten Salt Reactor, May 2007 (PDF)

Stok, David van der, The Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle for the Gas Cooled Fast Reactor, January 2007 (PDF)


Degen, Coen, Dynamics of the Genesis heating rods, May 2006 (PDF)


Beker, Mark, Capacitive measurement technique for void fraction measurements in two phase pipe flow, July 2005 (PDF)