MSc Theses


Polderman, Coco, Developing a multi-physics tool for the neutronics[1]thermal-hydraulics in a molten salt reactor using the lattice Boltzmann method, January 2024 (PDF)

Collenteur, Floor, Experimental investigation of solidification phenomena in turbulent and laminar channel flows, January 2024 (PDF)


Bissumbhar, R. B., Simulating Thermal Radiation Transport in Molten Salt Reactors, September 2023 (PDF)

Wortelboer, Mees, Investigating GPU-accelerated Double Distribution Function Lattice Boltzmann Schemes for Heat Transfer and Phase Change in Turbulent Flows, July 2023 (PDF)

Bemmelen, Daniel van, Influence of turbulence on the internal conductivity and total electrical resistance of a carbon black suspension inside a Semi-Solid Flow Battery, June 2023 (PDF)

Bohnenn, Sylvie, Non-Intrusive Multi-Fidelity Reduced Order Modeling using Adaptive Spars Grids, February 2023 (PDF)

Van Dijk, Chris, Investigating the Effect of Freeze Plug Inclination Angle on Melting Behaviour with the Linearised Enthalpy Method, January 2023 (PDF)

Iovanovici, Sasha, Particle Concentration Measurements using Laser Doppler Anemometry, January 2023 (PDF)


Roos, F, Steady-state Analytical Investigation of a Passive Closed Loop Cooling Cycle for the Emergency Drain Tank of a Molten Salt Reactor, December 2022 (PDF)

Broek, Erik van den, Uncertainty Quantification of the Neutronics Model of the U-Battery with Reduced Models, September 2022 (PDF)

Besseling, Thorben, Investigating Adaptive Mesh Refinement Criteria for a Double-Distribution FMLB Scheme in Melting and Solidifaction Processes, July 2022, (PDF)

Bus, Celeke, Simulating the Transient Freezing in cooled Non-eutectic Molten Salt Channel Flow, July 2022 (PDF)

Boeré, Max, An applied numerical study on several aspects of the production of radioisotopes within the HOR Experimental Activation Loop, July 2022 (PDF)

Bekkema, Bart, Diffusion coefficient estimations of radiometals in target solution using microfluidic devices - A combined experimental & numerical study, May 2022 (PDF)

Peters, Willemijn, Modelling the Rheology and Internal Resistance of Alginate-based Semi-solid Flow Batteries, May 2022 (PDF)

Groot, Luuk, Thermodynamic modelling of molten salt systems LiF-BaF2-ZrF4 and NaF-BaF2-ZrF4, April 2022

Bougrimov, Denis, Nonintrusive Reduced Order Modelling Using Locally Adaptive Sparse Grids and Local Basis Interpolation, April 2022 (PDF)

Veer, Nick ter, Structural and Thermodynamic Study of the Cs-Cr-O and the Cs-Bi-Mo-O Systems, April 2022

Merten, Bram, Radiative Heat Transfer in Molten Salt Reactors, April 2022

Grimmon, Fenna, Fission products chemistry and scenario analysis of accident progression at Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power station: Investigation of the Ba-Sr-Cs-Mo-O system, February 2022

Malsen, Hans van, Convolutional autoencoder based reduced order modelling for physics problems, January 2022 (PDF)


Orbons, Cleo, A Finite Element Model for Thermal-Hydraulic Calculations on the U-Battery, December 2021 (PDF)

Korpershoek, Dirk-Jan, Neutron Radiography of supercritical fluids, November 2021 (PDF)

Reus, Jeroen, A Numerical Investigation of Freeze-Valve Melting based on a Linearised Enthalpy Method, August 2021

Winden, Jesper van, Developing a Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann Finite Difference Model for Phase Change in the Molten Salt Reactor, August 2021 (PDF)

Schuringa, Olivier, Determination of rheological properties of Power-law fluids using a numerical ultrasonic waveguide viscometer, July 2021 (PDF)

Miert, Johan van, Molybdenum Chloride Phase Behavior in MSR Fuel, July 2021

Lakerveld, Ies, Helium Bubbling in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor, July 2021 (PDF)

Blokker, Joris, Projectional Radiography of a Supercritical Fluid, May 2021 (PDF)

Burik, Wouter van, JOG-properties in MOX-fuel, An experimental investigation of the thermo-physical properties of JOG-subsystems on MOX-fuel in sodium-cooled reactors, January 2021


Oudenaren, Gilliam van, Advanced modelling of chloride salt systems for use in molten salt reactor fuels, December 2020

Rozing, Leon, Out-of-Core Helium Bubbling in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor, August 2020 (PDF)

Wal, Wander van der, Non instrusive goal-oriented reduced order modelling using adaptive sparse grids, adjoint weighting and multifidelity methods, August 2020

Alders, Dennis,Coupled structural and thermodynamic modelling of molten salt systems NaF-ZrF4 and KF-ZRF4, June 2020

Rook, Remco, Viscosity determination of Newtonian fluids using shear ultrasonic guided wave attenuation, March 2020


Schreuder, Maarten, Experimental and computational investigations on the NaF-ThF4 system, October 2019

Rutten, Maikel, Thermodynamic Characterization of Nuclear Fission Products: A Study into the Ba-Sr-Cs-Mo-O system, October 2019

Vries, Leon de, Feasibility study on Laser Doppler Anemometry in Supercritical Fluids, September 2019 (PDF)

Aarts, Siem, Optimisation of Filter Compositions in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy, July 2019 (PDF)

Iersel, Mike van, Analysis of flow patterns and interface behavior in simulations of immiscible liquid-liquid two phase-flow in microchannels using the consertive level set method, June 2019 (PDF)


Strijbis, Victor, Machine learning for knowledge-based dose-volume histogram prediction in prostate cancer, December 2018 (PDF)

Feilzer, Diederik, GD-PSMA Neutron Capture Therapy, September 2018 (PDF)

Berg, Marc van den, Viscosity determination using the quasi-Scholte wave, August 2018 (PDF)

Pendse, Shridhar, Cooling System Design for 99Mo Research Loop, March 2018 (PDF)

Haar, Carlijn ter, Robustness Recipes for Proton Therapy, February 2018 (PDF)

Shafer, Devaja, Design and Melting Behavior of the MSFR Freeze Plug, January 2018 (PDF)


Wu, Yifan, Evaluation of transport properties of radionuclides in clay materials, August 2017 (PDF)

Reijtenbagh, Dominique, Simulation and quantification of the interplay effect in treatment of lung tumors with IMPT, July 2017 (PDF)

Lippens, Joris, Spectral rehomogenization of cross sections for pin-by-pin nodal di usion calculations, April 2017 (PDF)


Seelen, Jannick, A C++11 Implementation of a Moving Wall in the Lattice Boltzmann Method, December 2016 (PDF)

Swaroop, Parth, Design of a Freeze Plug for the Molten Salt Fast Reactor (MSFR), August 2016 (PDF)

Lantzos, Ioannis, Molten Salt Fast Reactor: Shift from Burner to Breeder, February 2016 (PDF)


Krijger, Dennis, Improving the performance of the SLIMR design, November 2015 (PDF)

Hennink, Aldo, A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Charged Particle Transport in the Fokker-Planck Limit, October 2015 (PDF)

Buijs, Lucas, Analysis of Non-Oberbeck-Boussinesq effects on turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection in a liquid, September 2015 (PDF)

Maris van, Victor, The behaviour of daughter nuclides in the released aerosols after Radiological Dispersion Events, August 2015 (PDF)

Voort van der, Sebastian, Application of polynomial chaos in proton therapy, June 2015 (PDF)


Veling, Dick, The Small-scale Large efficiency Inherent safe Modular Reactor, November 2014 (PDF)

Rijnsdorp, Sjoerd, Design of a small Aqueous Homogeneous Reactor for production of 99Mo, September 2014 (PDF)

Jong de, Joran, Feasibility of a radially cooled thorium breeder pebble bed type high temperature reactor, July 2014 (PDF)

Hartman, Charlotte, Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis in proton therapy treatment plans using polynomial chaos methods, July 2014 (PDF)

Wouters, Wilhelm, Metal Implants in Proton Therapy, May 2014.

Buskermolen, Maarten, Experimental study of the structure of a passive scalar in turbulent flows using a wire-mesh sensor: Pipe flow and rod-bundle axial flow, May 2014 (PDF)

Journée, Dirk-Jan, Helium bubbling in a Molten Salt Fast Reactor, March 2014 (PDF)


Zappey, Joaquina, Radionuclide migration in the near field of a geological repository, October 2013 (PDF)

Frima, Lodewijk, Burnup in a Molten Salt Fast Reator, September 2013 (PDF)

Huisman, Mark, Medical Isotope Production Reactor, July 2013 (PDF)


Mitafidis Vlachakis, Konstantinos, Criteria for the onset of flow reversal in upward heated laminar flow of supercritical CO2 in annular geometry, December 2012 (PDF)

Spoelstra, Johan, Numerical stability analysis of natural circulation driven supercritical water reactors, December 2012 (PDF)

Rodriguez Sanchez, David, Safety Analysis of a Thorium-fueled High Temperature Reactor, October 2012 (PDF)

Uilkema, Sander, Proton therapy planning using the Sn method with Fokker-Planck approximation, September 2012 (PDF

Bulk, Rick, An Experimental Study on Cross-Flow Mixing in a Rod-Bundle Geometry using a Wire-Mesh, August 2012 (PDF)

Gurunath, Santosh, Numerical Investigations of Coherent Structures in Axial Flow in Single Rod-Channel Geometry, August 2012 (PDF)

Dokter, Carine, Experimental and computational determination of Alpha modes of the Delphi subcritical assembly, June 2012 (PDF

Linden, Erik van der, Coupled neutronics and computational fluid dynamics for the molten salt reactor, April 2012 (PDF)

Hoogwerf, Casper, Uncertainty Quantification of Radionuclide Release Models using Non-Intrusive Polynomial Chaos, February 2012 (PDF)


Koeze, Dion, Goal-Oriented Angular Adaptive Neutron Transport using a Spherical Discontinuous Galerkin Method, December 2011 (PDF)

Peeters, Jurriaan, Investigation of the thermal boundary layer development length in upward heated annular supercritical fluid flows, September 2011 (PDF)

Eind, Roderik van ‘t, Simulation of a fast molten salt reactor, July 2011

Kam, Frederik, Development of a one-dimensional model for the stability analysis of a natural circulation Super Critical Water Reactor, June 2011 (PDF)

Ouwendijk, Günther, Analysis of randomly stacked pebble bed reactors using a Monte Carlo neutron transport code with a statistical geometry model, May 2011 (PDF)

Vogel, Frederik de, Parametric Studies on the Moderation Ratio of a 2-zone 1-fluid Molten Salt Reactor, May 2011 (PDF)

Rhijn, Bauke van,  Modelling fuel behaviour in a reactor park using fuel cycle kinetics, April 2011 (PDF)


Veen, Derk van,  Efficiency improvement of local power estimation in the general purpose Monte Carlo code MCNP5, January 2010 (PDF)

Wijk, A van (2010). A priori efficiency calculations for Monte Carlo applications in neutron transport, PNR-131-2010-001, January, 2010 (PDF)

Wols, F (2010). Transient analyses of accelerator driven systems using modal expansion techniques, PNR-131-2010-005, August 2010 (PDF)


Auwerda, Gert-Jan,  Investigation of Neutronics and Heat Transfer in a Gas Core Reactor, February 2009 (PDF)

Campen, Laurens van, An experimental investigations on the use of FEP as refractive index matching material for LDA in a rod bundle flow, February 2009 (PDF)

Degen, Coen, Analysis of Two-Phase Flow Instabilities in Multi-Channel Natural Circulation Systems, February 2009 (PDF)

Hoogmoed, Michiel, A Coupled Calculation Code System for the Thorium Molten Salt Reactor, September 2009 (PDF)

Sanders, Maarten, Thermo-Hydraulic Stability Analysis of the High Performance Light Water Reactor and a Scaled Experimental Facility, August 2009 (PDF)

Sjenitzer, Bart, Variance Reduction Using the Correction Method on Criticality Calculations, March 2009 (PDF)


Koopman, Hans, Development of the STEALTH-code and Investigation of the Effects of Feedwater Sparger positioning on the Thermal-Hydraulic Stability of Natural Circulation Boiling Water Reactors, June 2008 (PDF)

Ooms, Andrea, Pebble flow in a High Temperature Reactor, May 2008 (PDF)


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