PhD Theses


Liu, Zheng, Purifying Radionuclides with Microfluidic Technology for Medical Purpose, 2022-03-14 (J.L. Kloosterman, M. Rohde) (PDF)

Hennink, Aldo, Low-Mach Number Flow and the Discontinuous Galerkin Method, 2022-02-22 (J.L. Kloosterman, D. Lathouwers) (PDF)


Mastromarino, Sara, New measurement methods and physico-chemical properties of the MSFR-salt, 2021-12-08 (J.L. Kloosterman, M. Rohde) (PDF)

Ocádiz Flores, Jaen, Molten Salt Reactor Chemistry, 2021-11-12 (R.M.J. Konings, A.L. Smith) (PDF)


Alsayyari, Fahad, Adaptive Data-Driven Reduced Order Modelling Techniques for Nuclear Reactor Analysis, 2020-10-06 (J.L. Kloosterman, D. Lathouwers, Z. Perko) (PDF)

Tiberga, Marco, Development of a high-fidelity multi-physics simulation tool for liquid-fuel fast nuclear reactors, 2020-08-24 (J.L. Kloosterman, D. Lathouwers) (PDF)

Bertocchi, Fulvio, On Coherent Structures, Flow-Induced Vibrations, and Migratory Flow in Liquid Metal Nuclear Reactors, 2020-01-27 (J.L. Kloosterman, M. Rohde) (PDF)


Gamarino, Matteo, Modal methods for rehomogenization of nodal cross sections in nuclear reactor core analysis, 2018-11-20 (J.L. Kloosterman, D. Lathouwers) (PDF)

Cakir, Pelin, Redox behaviour of model systems for spent nuclear fuel surfaces, 2018-10-23 (R.J.M. Konings, T. Gouder) (PDF)

Valori, Valentina, Rayleigh-Benard convection of a supercritical fluid: PIV and heat transfer study, 2018-1-8 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J. Westerweel, M. Rohde) (PDF)


Peeters, Jurriaan W.R., Turbulence and turbulent heat transfer at supercritical pressure, 2016-11-30 (B.J. Boersma, T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, R. Pecnik) (PDF)

Krajko, Judit, Isotopic signatures for origin assessment of natural uranium samples, 2016-6-13 (R. J.M. Konings, H. T.Wolterbeek) (PDF)

Capelli, Elisa, Thermodynamic characterization of salt components for Molten Salt Reactor fuel, 2016-2-1 (R.J.M. Konings, J.L. Kloosterman) (PDF)

Uyttenhove, Wim, Reactivity Monitoring of Accelerator-Driven Nuclear Reactor Systems, 2016-1-4 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, D. Lathouwers) (PDF)


Wols, Frank, Conceptual design Studies of a passively safe thorium breeder pebble bed Reactor, 2015-4-1 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.L. Kloosterman) (PDF)

Lemma di, Fidelma, Characterisation of Aerosols from simulated radiological dispersion events, 2015-3-16 (R.J.M. Konings) (PDF)

Perko, Zoltan, Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Coupled Reactor Physics Problems, 2015-1-21 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, D. Lathouwers) (PDF)


Auwerda, Gert Jan, Core Physics of Pebble Bed High Temperature Nuclear Reactors, 2014-12-22 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.L. Kloosterman) (PDF)

Böhler, Robert, High Temperature Phase Transitions of Actinide Dioxides, 2014-12-8 (R.J.M. Konings) (PDF)

Carvajal Nuñez, Ursula, Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Nuclear Fuels, 2014-06-02 (R.J.M. Konings) (PDF)

Christie, Stuart, Quantifying Nuclide Contributions To Reactor Behaviour Over Time, 2014-01-06 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, D. Lathouwers) (PDF)


Gilli, L., Uncertainty quantification in reactor physics using adjoint/perturbation techniques and adaptive spectral methods, 2013-07-09 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, D. Lathouwers) (PDF)

Sjenitzer, B.L., The dynamic Monte Carlo method for transient analysis of nuclear reactors, 2013-07-05 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.E. Hoogenboom) (PDF)


Nagy, Karoly, Dynamics and Fuel Cycle Analysis of a Moderated Molten Salt Reactor, 2012-09-10 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.L. Kloosterman) (PDF)

Marmier, Alain, Sustainability and Efficiency Improvements of Gas-Cooled Highr Temperature Reactors, 2012-05-11 (T.H.J.J. vander Hagen, A.H.M. Verkooijen, J.L. Kloosterman) (PDF)


Mahmood, Amer, Single-Phase Crossflow Mixing in a Vertical Tube Bundle Geometry, 2011-06-23 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, R.F. Mudde) (PDF)


Christouforou, Stavros, A zero-variance based scheme for Monte Carlo criticality simulations, 2010-10-11 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.E. Hoogenboom) (PDF)


Boer, B., Optimized Core Design and Fuel Management of a Pebble-Bed Type Nuclear Reactor, 2009-01-20 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.L. Kloosterman) (PDF)


Marcel, C.P., Experimental and Numerical Stability Investigations on Natural Circulation Boiling Water Reactors, 2007-10-29 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen) (PDF)

Nievaart, V. A., Spectral Tailoring for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy, 2007-06-26 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, H. van Dam, J.L. Kloosterman) (PDF)

Agung A., Conceptual Design of a Fluidized bed Nuclear Reactor, 2007-06-11 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, H. van Dam) (PDF)

Ceballos Castillo, C.A., Multidisciplinary Design Approach and Safety Analysis of ADSR Cooled by Buoyancy Driven Flows, 2007-05-02 (A.H.M. Verkooijen, T.H.J.J. van der Hagen) (PDF)


Rooijen, W. F. G. van, Improving Fuel Cycle Design and Safety Characteristics of a Gas Cooled Fast Reactor, 2006-12-12 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, H. van Dam) (PDF)

Furuya, M., Experimental and analytical modeling of natural circulation and forced circulation BWRs, 2006-4-24 (T.H.J.J. van der Hagen) (PDF)

Flaska, M., A compact fast-neutron producing target for high resolution cross section measurements, 2006-4-24 (H. van Dam, T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, C.R. Kleijn) (PDF)


Legrady, D., Improved Monte Carlo Methods with Application to Borhole Logging Simulations, 2005-11-29 (H. van Dam, T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, J.E. Hoogenboom) (PDF)


Manera, A., Experimental and analytical investigations on flashing-induced instabilities in natural circulation two-phase systems, 2003-09-08 (H. van Dam/T.H.J.J. van der Hagen) (PDF)


Zboray, R., An Experimental and Modelling Study of Natural-Circulation Boiling Water Reactor Dynamics, 2002-09-24 (H. van Dam/T.H.J.J. van der Hagen) (PDF)


Kikstra, J.F., Modelling, Design and Control of a Cogenerating Nuclear Gas Turbine Plant, 2001-04-02 (A.H.M. Verkooijen/O.H. Bosgra) (PDF)


Verkerk, E.C., Dynamics of the pebble-bed nuclear reactor in the direct Brayton cycle, 2000-11-06 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Fedorov, A.V., Evolution of point defect clusters during irradiation and thermal treatment (an ion implantation and thermal desorption study), 2000-05-23 (A. van Veen/H. van Dam) (PDF)

Bende, E.E., Plutonium burning in a pebble-bed type High Temperature Nuclear Reactor, 2000-01-24 (H. van Dam), Cum laude (PDF)


Geemert, R. van, Nuclear reactor reload pattern optimization by application of heuristic search and perturbation theoretical methods, 1999-06-28 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Kruseman, B., Two-dimensional ACAR and low-background DBAR studies on materials with defects, 1999-05-18 (A. van Veen/H. van Dam) (PDF)


Clement M., Positrons in the MOS systems, 1998-12-18 (A. van Veen/S. Radelaar) (PDF)

Bragt, D.D.B. van, Analytical modeling of boiling water reactor dynamics, 1998-11-24 (H. van Dam), Cum laude (PDF)

Wallerbos, E.J.M., Reactivity effects in a pebble-bed type nuclear reactor. An experimental and calculational study, 1998-06-22 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Kok, H.V., Experiments on a natural circulation loop - from void-fraction to coupled nuclear thermal-hydraulics, 1998-06-16 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Jorgensen, L.V., Positron moderation and re-emission experiments, 1998-06-08 (A. van Veen/H. van Dam/P. Kruit) (PDF)


Schoonewelle, H., Nuclear reactor process monitoring in time-domain using stochastic signals, 1997-12-17 (H. van Dam) ) (PDF

Vroegindeweij, C., Micro- and macroscopic modelling of boron neutron capture therapy, 1997-03-10 (A.J. Hermans/H. van Dam/D. Gabel) (PDF)


Serov, I.V., Estimation of detector responses by midway forward and Monte Carlo coupling in nuclear systems, 1996-12-03 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Eleveld, H., Hydrogen and heliuim in selected fusion reactor materials, 1996-10-31 (A. van Veen/H. van Dam) (PDF)

Keijzer, J., Investigations of spatial effects in nuclear reactor kinetics, 1996-04-05 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Seijbel, L.J., An instrument for positron micro-analysis, 1995-05-09 (P. Kruit/A. van Veen/H. van Dam) (PDF)

Bultman, J.H., Actinide transmutation in nuclear reactors, 1995-01-17 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Kruijf, W.J.M., Reactor physics analysis of the pin-cell Doppler effect in a thermal nuclear reactor; a computational study, 1994-11-08 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Stekelenburg, A.J.C., Statics and dynamics of a natural circulation cooled boiling water reactor, 1994-02-21 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Hakvoort, R.A., Applications of positron depth profiling, 1993-12-23 (A. van Veen/H. van Dam) (PDF)

Piters, T.M., A study into the mechanism of thermoluminescence in a "LiF:Mg,Ti dosimetry material", 1993-10-11 (H. van Dam/A. van Veen) (PDF)


Filius, H.A., Defects in nuclear fusion reactor materials studied by thermal gas desorption spectrometry, 1992-12-01 (H. van Dam/A. van Veen) (PDF)

Kloosterman, J.L., On gamma ray shielding and neutron streaming through ducts, 1992-06-23 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Kuijper, J.C., A calculational study on neutron kinetics and thermo-dynamics of a gaseous core fission reactor, 1992-06-09 (H. van Dam) (PDF)

Kozma, R., Nuclear reactor noise investigations on boiling effects in a simulated MTR-type fuel assembly, 1992-05-01 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Schut, H., A variable energy position beam facility with applications in materials science, 1990-03-27 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Hagen, T.H.J.J. van der, Stability monitoring of a natural-circulation-cooled boiling water reactor, 1989-03-09 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Kolk, G.J. van der, Thermal helium desorption spectrometry applied to metallic implants in tungsten, 1984-06-14 (H. van Dam/J.T.M. de Hosson) (PDF)


Kleiss, E.B.J., On the determination of boiling water reactor characteristics by noise analysis, 1983-06-16 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Gorkum, A.A. van, Quantitative thermal desorption spectrometry of noble gases in solids, 1981-02-12 (H. van Dam), Cum laude (PDF)


Hoogenboom, J.E., Adjoint Monte Carlo methods in neutron transport calculations, 1977-12-14 (H. van Dam) (PDF)


Renaud, P.W., The graphite ball detector. A new device for the measurement of the nuclear Doppler effect and integral neutron absorption cross-sections in intermediate and fast neutron spectra, 1975-10-01 (H. van Dam/J.J. Went) (PDF)


Janssen, A.J., Calculation and measurement of thermal neutron spectra in non-uniform reactor lattices, 1971-12-09 (J.J. Went) (PDF)

Dam, H. van, Experimental and theoretical analysis of fast neutron spectra, 1971-06-23 (J.J. Went) (PDF)


Dekker, A.L., The local pile oscillator as a device for measuring temperature dependence in epithermal-neutron absorption, 1969-07-09 (J.J. Went) (PDF)


Stamm'ler, R.J.J. Fast methods for computing thermal-neutron group constants in single-pin lattice cells, 1968-09-04 (J.J. Went) (PDF)

Caspers, L.M., Comparison between measured and calculated stationary thermal neutron spectra in heterogeneous systems, 1968-06-19 (J.J. Went), Cum laude (PDF)


Kleijn, H.R., On the determination of microscopic reactor parameters using an exponential assembly, 1966-01-12 (J.J. Went), Cum laude (PDF)


Hermans, M.E.A., The urea process for UO-2 production, 1964-07-01 (J.H. de Boer/J.J. Went), Cum laude (PDF)


Kreijger, P.J. The removal of neutron poisons, in particular 135-Xe and 135-I, from an aqueous homogeneous suspension reactor, 1962-06-13 (H. Kramers/J.J. Went) (PDF)


Sybesma, Chr., Measurements of continuous energy distributions of gamma rays in a scattering medium, 1961-09-27 (J.J. Went) (PDF)