Collaboration between engineers, scientists, policy-makers, and business professionals is essential for social and technological developments, such as the future use of smart grids, the development of Blockchain, or the implementation of Responsible Research Innovation (RRI). Issues for which there is still some uncertainty as to how they will develop in future.

Or, consequently, in what manner collaboration will be shaped and evolved. In Communication Design for Innovation, this is precisely what we think about, experiment with, and design for. As long as the focus lies on the daily communication in relation to innovation. And on questions that focus on the development of a learning social network in which mutual collaboration is a key necessity. For example, how can your company ensure that a team remains resilient and adaptive in the face of the constant changes and uncertainties that are part of innovation?

At C-Lab we study these specific questions in depth together with you, to help your company or consortium deal with any uncertainties that cross your path in future. But not before we know that they work. Learning to innovate, whether individually or collectively, is a central focus in our research. We therefore always test what we devise with our clients right away. This enables us to tailor the communication solutions to people’s needs. And ensure that innovation processes lead to technology that fits in with society.

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