Communication Design for Innovation Research

CDI is an inter- & transdisciplinary research field in which the reality of learningful communication for adaptive collaboration in processes of transformative technology is studied through the methods design-based research and research-based design.

For specific research of the group, early discovery and fascinations we invite you to visit the personal pages of our researchers Steven Flipse, Eva Kalmar, Maarten van der Sanden and Caroline Wehrmann.

The resourceful interaction with the Science Education scholars of the SEC department deals with learning, transformative technology in primary, secondary and tertiary education, human measure and design-based research.


Read more on publications by the SEC department: publications SEC.

From a human perspective, we study processes of collaboration which we grouped in four research lines:

Values & Co-creation

Mutual Learning

Decision making

Uncertainty Management & Adaptivity

These processes occur in a technology context. In the engineering discipline the researcher is working in one of the following innovation fields. See our project portfolio for more information.

Engineer Education

Energy Transition & Urbanism

Digital Future

Life Sciences & Health