About us

Integral solutions for societal challenges

Climate change, rising sea levels, economic development and increasing urbanisation lead to all sorts of challenges that can have a significant impact on our infrastructure. How great is the risk of disruption of our infrastructure? How resilient are these facilities and the related systems, services and activities? How fast can government institutions and companies resume normal activities? What is the best way to organise urbanised delta regions? These are only a few of the core questions that we must find answers to. An integral approach, in which different disciplines cooperate, provides the best guarantee for finding solutions.

TU Delft's Deltas, Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative effectively contributes to sustainable social welfare and economic prosperity. This is achieved by:

  • developing and stimulating an integral approach, and multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research and education, both at TU Delft and elsewhere.
  • supplying (and contributing to) innovative, sustainable, resilient and flexible solutions, and highly-trained graduates who can go to work immediately after graduation, as well as facilitating lifelong learning;
  • facilitating and stimulating scientists and students, allowing TU Delft to position itself as an internationally leading university in the field of deltas, infrastructure and mobility.