E-bike Charging Station

This project has developed a solar-powered e-Bike charging station on the TU Delft campus between faculties EEMCS and ME. Comprising a solar powered internal DC-grid, DC charging outlets and wireless chargers, this is a truly innovative project. The solar-powered e-bike charging station project contributes to sustainability by replacing conventional car use by e-bike/e-scooter for city and near-city traveling.

The charging station is designed using components commercially available in the market, its design meets standard design rules and its concept is based on scientific research. The results from the charging station are monitored and will form the base for future research projects, while the educational aspect is twofold; students can see the application of a real-life design compared to a laboratory-set-up and they can use measurement results obtained from the charging station to compare with theoretical studies. The design emerged from a collaboration between electro- technical engineers considering photovoltaic optimisation from a scientific viewpoint and industrial designers developing a customer-oriented user interface. The station is fully functional for its users while at the same time providing a real-life laboratory for students and it promotes the idea of replacing car use by e-bikes. It demonstrates the need for specific infrastructure to enable the acceptation of sustainable mobility in any form. 

The e-Bike station is realized and opened on 12 October 2016.