TU Delft and the City

'The City' is a great subject for research. A city contains buildings, which are constructed, demolished or renovated, there is interaction between its inhabitants, traffic moves through, under and around it, and goods are delivered and collected there. A city consumes water, energy and raw materials, and produces waste. A city is connected to its environment - rain can fall in the city or urban heat islands can form there. A city must be protected from water and the climate, and in other cases water must be used more sparingly. There is a great deal that can be measured, mapped and researched. A great deal of this type of research is conducted at TU Delft.

In the video TU Delft and the City, eleven researchers discuss their work and their relationships with the city, providing an impression of the scope of TU Delft urban research. This is only a short impression, however, because a lot more 'urban' research is carried out at TU Delft.

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