Digital Society

We are creating a responsible digital society which will increase our wellbeing and make our world a better place. 

The digital society has been with us for a long time, from satellites orbiting in space, smartphones and traffic lights to robots that rid the ocean floor of plastic. The question is how to design and manage this society responsibly.

A responsible digital society is based on human values, is healthy, just, inclusive and safe. It is also clean and sustainable and able to field the major complex challenges of today.

At TU Delft we design and engineer both the digital technology and its social use. 

TU Delft. Impact for a better society.

Facts & Figures

Top 100
TU Delft is the only Dutch university to be ranked in the Nature 2020 Artificial Intelligence Top 100 Index.
Over 1,400 TU Delft scientists work in AI research.
24 interdisciplinary TU Delft AI Labs are promoting education, research and innovation in AI, data and digitalisation.