Resilient Cities & Mobility

Our cities and infrastructure are under pressure. Our research and innovation help to engineer resilient cities and to make urban mobility smart and sustainable. 

Climate change, population growth and increasing inequality are pushing cities and infrastructure to breaking point. At TU Delft, we research and rethink our cities to help make them futureproof. We strive for sustainable cities that enable innovation and responsible growth while embracing the wellbeing and inclusion of all who live in them.

Resilient cities are accessible cities. We need ways to travel from A to B efficiently and without harming our environment. That is why we are working to make our transport system and infrastructure smart and sustainable. We are creating the mobility of the future.

In partnership with government agencies, businesses and citizens we research and develop technological solutions and test and implement groundbreaking innovations in buildings, on roads, in cities and in the air.

TU Delft. Impact for a better society

Facts & Figures

The mobility sector accounted for some 19% of all greenhouse gases produced in 2019
In 2050 around 70% of the world population will live in an urban environment