1M Homes

Creating 1 million homes

The 1M Homes Initiative is an interdisciplinary platform of researchers of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment that aims to promote the development of knowledge towards an inclusive, affordable, climate friendly and healthy living environment.

There is an urgent need for affordable housing solutions in the Netherlands before 2030. However, the focus should not only be on producing new dwellings, but rather on creating homes and neighbourhoods that meet the needs of the future population. 
In urban regions, housing production lags behind and real estate prices are growing, resulting in a shortage of affordable homes, especially for starters. Moreover, changes in the housing provision have led to a lack of affordable homes in non-urban regions as well.

In response to these challenges, the 1M Homes Initiative brings together experts from various fields to ensure a coherent vision across scales and disciplines. Social, economic, geographical, technological and environmental aspects are equally important. Through living labs we conduct live scale projects and experiments in cooperation between researchers, educators, the public sector, housing associations and society. 

1M Homes: ‘More living space’ doesn't just mean ‘more building’

In this double interview, professors Marja Elsinga and Thijs Asselbergs call for a substantiated overall vision for the complex housing puzzle.

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